The top scent in the globe is offered by Jeremy Fragrance and ALDI Nord.

February 14, 2023

The top scent in the globe is offered by Jeremy Fragrance and ALDI Nord.


Jonathan Fragrance On the sandy beach, shirtless, with crashing waves, a white horse galloping, and bread. Bread? Yes, that’s right—if there’s one thing we Germans adore, it’s the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked bread. Because of this, ALDI Nord created a unique social media advertisement for Valentine’s Day that makes bread the star.


Everyone can find a scent in ALDI and Naturland Backfrisch: Together with influencer and businessman Jeremy Fragrance, ALDI Nord promotes themselves on Valentine’s Day using this tagline. According to Matthias Kräling, Team Lead Social Media at ALDI Nord, “With Jeremy Fragrance, we’re staging our variety of baked products in a completely new, exciting way — with the look of a theatrical perfume ad.” In a relatively short period of time, Jeremy not only rose to the unofficial position of being Germany’s top scent expert, but he also acquired cult status. Each day, he uses his outlets to reach and amuse millions of people. We are happy that, thanks to his influence among the pertinent target demographics of Gen Y and Gen Z, we were able to move him to support our amazing project.


Locally produced baked items at ALDI Nord
Naturland and ALDI

ALDI Nord sells products at its stores from artisan bakeries in the area in addition to its own line of fresh baked foods. Since a year ago, the discounter has collaborated with nearby bakeries, expanding its own selection of baked items to include regional specialties. Regional products have replaced around ten of the approximately 30 baked goods in the ALDI standard selection. Customers no longer need to make a separate trip to the bakery in order to shop and purchase baked products from well-known local bakers. More than 1,300 ALDI Nord locations now carry locally sourced, fresh baked items.


There is no smell nicer than that of freshly made bread, and everyone can enjoy it thanks to ALDI. Instead of giving out baked goods on Valentine’s Day, why not? Everyone is pleased about it, according to entrepreneur and influencer Jeremy Fragrance.


On the A Taste Of ALDI YouTube account, the advertisement, which was filmed in Portugal, is now accessible. Additional social media cuts and cutdowns can be found on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and the short message service, all of which are owned by ALDI Nord. The concept and artistic execution of the advertisement were provided by the agency Accenture Song.