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The top five self-care suggestions from Boots Pharmacists to help you during Ramadan.


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The top five self-care suggestions from Boots Pharmacists to help you during Ramadan

In the coming weeks, millions of Muslims will begin fasting for Ramadan, the holiest month for Islam. Boots Pharmacy Services Manager and Pharmacist Khuram Ahmad offers his top self-care advice to help you feel your best until Eid festivities.

The most significant occasion in the Muslim calendar is Ramadan, which features a month-long fast intended to promote piety and introspection.

Here are some health suggestions from Khuram to help you prioritise self-care while you observe Ramadan:

Freeze instead of fry: Choose lighter, healthier options over fatty, fried meals. Stock up on vegetables, salads, and fruit and batch-freeze healthy meals to save time after a long day of fasting as consuming a lot of spicy, fried foods may cause heartburn and indigestion.
Reduce the effects of “Ramadan breath”: Although few people mention it, having “Ramadan breath” is a drawback of fasting. Because we aren’t drinking, our mouth generates less saliva while we are fasting, which prevents it from being washed away. No matter how exhausted you are, try to brush and floss twice daily. You can even use a tongue scraper, which can be more effective than brushing at removing bad odour.

Eat some water: Going for extended periods of time without food or liquids can make it harder to remain hydrated. So, to remain hydrated, make sure to drink plenty of water during sehri and then, at sunset, eat slowly while including fluid-rich foods like yoghurt, soup, cucumber, and watermelon.
Get some much-needed rest: Lack of sleep after waking up for pre-dawn meals and prayers is one of the most difficult things to cope with. However, a 30- to 40-minute power nap during lunch may be the solution. A quick nap can help you feel more refreshed, but if you slumber for more than 40 minutes, you run the risk of falling asleep deeper and awakening groggy.
Apply skincare: It is important to use skincare products that improve hydration because washing five times a day, including before prayers, can dry out skin. To keep skin appearing and feeling nourished, stock up on long-lasting moisturisers. Choose a lip balm that soothes and seals in moisture if you frequently experience dry and chapped lips.
For those who have diabetes, fasting can exacerbate the condition’s side effects, such as heart or kidney illness, Khuram continued. Anyone with diabetes who wishes to observe Ramadan should consult their diabetes team, pharmacist, or general practitioner for guidance on how to do so safely while also managing their diabetes.

“Pop into your local Boots pharmacy store and speak to a member of our team if you would like more information about how to fast safely during Ramadan or advice on any healthcare needs or concerns during this time,” says the Boots website.



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