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The parent firm of SPAR Ireland releases the first electric HGV.


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The parent firm of SPAR Ireland releases the first electric HGV.

The first 20-tonne electric heavy goods (HGV) truck in Ireland was introduced by BWG Foods, the license holder for the SPAR and EUROSPAR brands there. The business has invested €400,000 in this as part of a ground-breaking program to test cutting-edge low-carbon technologies.
Four 240 kWh batteries power the 20-tonne Volvo electric vehicle, giving it a range of up to 250 kilometers and the ability to accommodate up to 33 pallet spaces. This demonstrates the distributor’s dedication to introducing ground-breaking innovations throughout their supply chain.

The new vehicle will perform national deliveries to SPAR and EUROSPAR Supermarkets as well as inter-depot deliveries while utilizing fast charging to extend daily range. When compared to traditional diesel-powered trucks, the distributor anticipates that the new electric addition to its sizable low-carbon delivery fleet will result in yearly CO2 savings of about 80 tonnes. The distributor’s transport truck typically travels 100,000 kilometers annually.

With the addition of 32 HGV trucks and the use of biogas, compressed natural gas, and electricity, this significant development solidifies BWG Foods’ position as having Ireland’s most environmentally friendly delivery fleet.

The SPAR Ireland website

More information about SPAR in Ireland

Regarding SPAR Ireland

In 1963, SPAR Ireland was founded. It is run by BWG Foods, a reputable trading and retail business that is currently a division of SPAR Group Ltd Southern Africa.

One of the biggest convenience retail companies in the Republic of Ireland, SPAR has locations all over the island. SPAR Ireland has a long history of recognizing the strategic significance of novel retail concepts as it develops the company. The three SPAR types that it supports are SPAR, EUROSPAR, and SPAR Express. Customers can choose from a wide variety of cutting-edge goods and in-store offerings thanks to these three formats.



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