“The Northwest is rounding up!”: Together with their patrons, 175 EDEKA stores and EDEKA Centres donate 22,500 euros to the Guardian Angel House Michael.

April 25, 2023

“The Northwest is rounding up!”: Together with their patrons, 175 EDEKA stores and EDEKA Centres donate 22,500 euros to the Guardian Angel House Michael.


For a period of eight weeks, EDEKA stores and EDEKA Centres in the Northwest used the slogan “The Northwest rounds up!” as their guiding principle for collecting rounded-up cent amounts from their clients in conjunction with the stores.

The sums were increased by 5,000 euros thanks to the philanthropic efforts of the EDEKA Minden-Hannover foundation.

The Guardian Angel House Michael, which is a pilot project of the Diakoniestation Hesel-Jumme-Uplengen, will benefit from the total of 22,500 euros that was raised in this manner thanks to the generosity of donors. Marie Ubben, the sales manager for EDEKA,

presented the donation to Marcus Schumacher, the managing director of Diakonie, Ulf Thiele, the chairman of the Guardian Angel House, and Sandra Groth, the nursing service manager.

The presentation was made by Thiele, who is also a member of the state legislature.

At the register, consumers in 175 EDEKA stores and EDEKA Centres in the Northwest region had the opportunity to round up the amount of their purchase from November 1 through December 31, 2022.

Customers voluntarily decided to round up the cent amount of their total receipt to the closest full euro when they mentioned the ad term “Round up, please!” when making their purchase.

The gathered sums included the cent amounts after they had been rounded up. The full amount of 22,500 euros has been transferred over to the Guardian Angel House Michael at this point.

This is the pilot project for the “MoKiDs” programme, which is an outpatient paediatric nursing service offered by the Diakoniestation in Hesel-Jumme-Uplengen.

Children and adolescents who are gravely ill and do not have access to safe outpatient intensive care are accompanied by staff members at the Guardian Angel House Michael in Uplengen.

The facility provides ill children and adolescents, as well as their relatives,

with the opportunity to experience an environment that is as cosy and homely as is physically possible within the confines of the facility’s physical layout.

“We are glad to assist the Guardian Angel House Michael with our campaign and thus to be able to give the children and young people at least a bit more normality,”

says Marie Ubben, who is the EDEKA Sales Manager for the Northwest region. ”

We are blown away by the amount of participation that our customers have shown in the campaign, and we would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to each and every one of them.

EDEKA Minden-Hannover, the largest food store in the region, has, for decades,

taken responsibility not just for the food in its sales area but also for society, for its employees, for the environment, and for the region itself. This obligation extends beyond the food itself.

The work of the EDEKA Minden-Hannover Foundation is supported by so-called ambassador teams, which are comprised of one retailer and one sales manager each. These teams pass over donations to charity organisations or persons located in their respective regions.


EDEKA is Germany’s largest supermarket corporation and operates a vast network of stores across the country.

The company was founded in 1898 and has since grown to become a major player in the German grocery retail market.

EDEKA operates under a cooperative model, with independent retailers owning and managing individual stores while benefiting from the support and purchasing power of the larger EDEKA organization.

EDEKA stores vary in size and offerings, ranging from small neighborhood markets to large hypermarkets.

They provide a wide selection of products, including fresh produce, meat and fish, dairy, bakery items, frozen foods, beverages, and non-food items such as household goods and personal care products.

EDEKA is also known for its emphasis on quality and locally sourced products, as well as offering a range of organic and sustainable options.