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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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The Mallusk SPAR store in Northern Ireland debuts an inventive coffee drive-through.


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The Mallusk SPAR store in Northern Ireland debuts an inventive coffee drive-through.

With the much-anticipated inauguration of SPAR Mallusk, SPAR NI’s multi-million dollar investment, Newtownabbey in Northern Ireland has gained a plethora of new services just outside its door. Fresh food that is locally produced, value, high-quality food to go, and new community projects are all brought to the neighborhood by the new store. Additionally, the brand-new location provides the first Barista Bar Coffee Drive-Thru exclusively to the neighborhood.
After a 6-month construction period, the store’s complete restoration and addition are finished, providing 28 jobs. People who live and work nearby may now pick up whatever they need for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the go at the store.

full of innovative services and goods
The facility is multi-purpose, producing a contemporary store packed with fresh services and goods under one roof, according to Mark McCammond, Retail Director at SPAR NI operator Henderson Group.

“Mallusk is mostly an industrial region, and there are numerous firms there. On its periphery, though, it also features high-passing trade and residential districts, according to him. “We wanted to make sure that we were delivering on freshly prepared food-to-go options, alongside an abundance of value-driven local products and essentials for tonight’s tea and beyond, as well as attractive consumer services that make us stand out in a busy marketplace,” the store’s designers said.

Due to this strategy, SPAR’s newest food-to-go brand, Delish, has created a special and exclusive food-to-go menu that is accompanied by Northern Ireland’s first Barista Bar Drive-Thru. The team anticipates that the mix of these goods and services will be very appealing to the area’s high-footfall, low-dwell-time shoppers.

Customers who are short on time can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Delish and Barista Bar in-store online and pick them up in-store using the SPAR Savvy Shopper App.

Customers can enjoy a full Barista Bar experience at the drive-thru, including the classic cappuccino, americano, and lattes, as well as specialties like flat whites, mochas, and chai teas. Customers can customize their drinks using a plant-based milk substitute (oat) and the available decaf alternatives, giving them even more possibilities. Additionally, we’ll have seasonal specialties, and customers can benefit from Delish’s extensive hot breakfast, lunch, and dessert menu, according to Mark McCammond.

Three Barista Bar machines will be located inside SPAR Mallusk, one of which is a brand-new idea called Barista Bar Planted, which offers non-dairy choices along with the same outstanding taste and quality of a signature Barista brew at the touch of a button. It is the second machine to be made available in Northern Irish retailers.

Delish is a fresh, new food-to-go brand being introduced in all Henderson stores. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it offers freshly cooked in-store hot and cold options, including both classic hot meals and modern culinary trends, all made with high-quality ingredients.

daily necessities
With a price lock on produce and everyday goods across SPAR’s own brand ranges from SPAR Enjoy Local to The CHEF and The Kitchen — all made with local ingredients — value can be seen throughout the additional fresh food bays, which store hundreds of locally sourced fresh lines. Mayfield Village Butchers in Newtownabbey expand their in-store butchery selection by adding more fresh selections, pricing, and guidance.

Since it has served the neighborhood for more than 20 years, SPAR Mallusk will keep up its team’s community involvement, including its ongoing collaboration with FareShare. This enables both the retailer to frequently donate from its own stock and allows customers to donate additional things at the register.

The SPAR Mallusk’s store manager, Danielle Martin, continued, “Our employees, customers, and their families are locals. We make an effort every day to make sure we are interacting with groups, schools, and organizations in the community.

With 80 parking spaces and a 4-pump MAXOL forecourt on the property, the community-focused store also offers extra parking. In-store extras include a full-service post office and three self-checkout lanes for increased efficiency during busy period

The Mallusk SPAR store in Northern Ireland debuts an inventive coffee drive-through.

Source: SPAR UK

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The UK became a SPAR member in 1956 when SPAR International granted the SPAR licence to a group of independent wholesalers. As a result, there are now five regional partners in the UK. A central office in London provides national marketing and buying services for the group.

SPAR has led the highly competitive convenience market in the UK for many years. Always innovative, the five regional partners continue to grow the brand. SPAR UK comprises independently owned licensed retailers and company-owned stores. These include forecourts, airports, train stations, city centres, and local neighbourhood stores.


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