The launch of Amazon Telco Network Builder by AWS.

February 22, 2023

The launch of Amazon Telco Network Builder by AWS


Amdocs, Infosys, and O2 Telefónica among clients and partners are deploying a new service that automates the deployment and maintenance of telco networks on Amazon, making it simpler and quicker for communications service providers to create and grow operations in the cloud.


Business Wire – Seattle An, Inc. company (NASDAQ: AMZN), Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), today announced the general availability of AWS Telco Network Builder, a fully managed solution that aids clients in setting up, operating, and scaling telco networks on AWS. Communications service providers (CSPs) can now specify the specifics of their network (such as connection points, networking requirements, computing needs, and geographical dispersion) in a template that is uploaded to the service using the common telecom industry standard language. By converting the template into a cloud-based network design and setting up the required AWS infrastructure, Amazon Telco Network Builder reduces the time it takes to deploy an operational, cloud-configured telco network from days to hours. AWS Telco Network Builder automatically modifies compute and storage resources in response to customer network updates, freeing CSPs to concentrate on daily operations and offer new services. Whether the network is running on-site or in an Amazon Region, AWS Telco Network Builder offers a centralised dashboard for monitoring and managing it. Customers simply pay for the Amazon services utilised to manage their network; there are no obligations or costs up front when using AWS Telco Network Builder. Visit to learn more.


CSPs aspire to develop cutting-edge telecom networks that enable emerging use cases like smart cities, driverless vehicles, and robots by utilising the performance, elasticity, and scale of the cloud. Due to the iterative nature and variety of network use cases, including business support systems, mobile core, and radio networks, designing and growing a telco network in the cloud can be a time-consuming and arduous process. Prior to replicating infrastructure across deployment locations, CSPs must install and securely connect hundreds of specialised network functions (NFs)—containerized network appliances, like routers and firewalls—across dozens of suppliers and thousands of locations. Once the NFs are deployed, the CSP must update each NF separately to add new software capabilities or make configuration changes, which is laborious process that puts a burden on resources. A strong network architect with knowledge of cloud architecture and management is also necessary for setting up and maintaining the network. It is also difficult for CSPs to get a full picture of their networks and deal with problems since they frequently need to buy, set up, and maintain various monitoring systems to keep an eye on the health of their on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures. As a result, CSPs frequently devote too many resources to network management’s undifferentiated heavy lifting rather than concentrating on developing fresh experiences.


CSPs may more quickly and easily construct, operate, and grow their telco networks on Amazon thanks to the fully managed network automation solution known as AWS Telco Network Builder. With the use of telecom industry standard language, a CSP populates their network architecture as a template in the service’s dashboard to get things going. This makes it simple to use and intuitive. In order to streamline the programming needs across several software suppliers and take into consideration the network’s geographic footprint, AWS Telco Network Builder converts the customer’s network specifications into a cloud-based network design. AWS Telco Network Builder seamlessly links the NFs, provisioned the appropriate computation and storage resources, and translates the supplied topology to network services to build an operational telco network. The uploaded templates can then be reused by customers to reproduce the network design in new areas. AWS Telco Network Builder manages the NFs’ lifecycle, maintains the NFs, and makes necessary adjustments to the infrastructure as clients modify their network configuration or execute software updates. Together, AWS Telco Network Builder and Amazon CloudWatch offer customers a thorough understanding of the NFs and AWS infrastructure, enabling them to monitor and manage their networks effectively and spot problems earlier. In order to preserve continuity across current telco network operations and business processes, Amazon Telco Network Builder also interacts with well-known third-party, end-to-end orchestrators for CSPs. Customers may swiftly extend their network depending on business requirements by using AWS Telco Network Builder because they only pay for the AWS goods and services they actually use.


According to Jan Hofmeyr, vice president of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, “the telecom business is changing as CSPs navigate establishing their telecommunication networks in the cloud” (Amazon EC2). “Manually configuring and then managing these complicated networks, which hinders development and stifles innovation, is one of the biggest issues CSPs face as they attempt to move. AWS Telco Network Builder is revolutionary in the value it brings to the telecom sector because it frees customers from having to translate their ideal telco network into a cloud architecture, enabling them to easily modernise and scale to meet demand while freeing up time and resources to build new offerings, expand coverage, and refocus on innovation.


Amazon Telco Network Builder is currently generally accessible in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Europe (Frankfurt), and Europe (Paris). Other AWS Regions will soon have access to AWS Telco Network Builder as well.


Amdocs is a well-known supplier of software and services to media and communications businesses. According to Anthony Goonetilleke, global president of Amdocs Technologies, “the current era of 5G cloud-based networks creates an opportunity for communications service providers to deliver accelerated value at unsurpassed scale and efficiency.” Amdocs Intelligent Networking Suite makes use of AWS Telco Network Builder’s support for telecom interfaces to make service and network orchestration simpler and more agile at the same time.


An open source framework for orchestrating several clouds called Cloudify combines infrastructure, networking, and pre-existing automation tools into self-service environments. According to Nati Shalom, CTO and creator of Cloudify, “We’ve witnessed the issues the industry has in bridging the gap between applications and cloud environments.” “By automating network design, deployment, and operations tasks using common DevOps and IT service management technologies, our work with Amazon Telco Network Builder will assist communications service providers more simply manage their network services. We are eager to utilise Amazon Telco Network Builder to make it easier to orchestrate network operations using base interfaces from the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.


Globally speaking, Infosys is a leader in consulting and next-generation digital services. Anand Swaminathan, executive vice president and global industry leader – Communications, Media, and Technology at Infosys, said, “The cloud’s scalability and efficiency are key to enabling innovation and reducing the complexity of managing telco network operations, which arms us with the tools to deliver new services for our end users continuously.” We are pleased to use Amazon Telco Network Builder to improve the operational efficiency of mobile and private networks as we strive to construct and operate cloud-based networks for our clients using Infosys Cobalt, ultimately providing a streamlined operational approach across Multi-G technologies.


With cutting-edge 4G, 5G, Core, and IP Multimedia Subsystem cloud-native software, Mavenir is a network software supplier constructing the networks of the future. Network management for 4G, 5G, Core, and IP Multimedia Subsystems is difficult. According to Bejoy Pankajakshan, chief strategy officer at Mavenir, “These networks are frequently dispersed across the edge continuum.” We can build repeatable network templates using AWS Telco Network Builder, which speeds up the defining, provisioning, deployment, and upgrading of network services for our clients. The Mavenir and AWS partnership provides customers with flexibility and agility in the deployment of network functions, which helps us get closer to our objective of constructing a single, software-based automated network.


With over 47 million mobile phone connections and 2.3 million broadband lines, O2 Telefónica is one of the top telecom companies in Germany. According to Bas Hendrikx, director of O2 Telefónica’s Cloud Center of Excellence, “when we migrate our telco network to the cloud, we aspire to achieve more operational simplicity while expediting the roll-out of our network and services.” We are investigating Amazon Telco Network Builder so that we may use automation to expedite the delivery of new 5G network services and manage our networks more effectively. We at O2 Telefónica are dedicated to bringing about positive change in the digital era for all, and we do this by investing in the development of cloud-native networks and utilising AWS services to better serve our clients.


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