The Junior National Inline Hockey Team is sponsored by SPAR Namibia.

February 16, 2023

The Junior National Inline Hockey Team is sponsored by SPAR Namibia.


The Namibian Ice & Inline Hockey Association (NIIHA) and SPAR Namibia are pleased to announce their three-year cooperation.


In relation to the national teams, SPAR Namibia will make sure that all training camps, team apparel, entry and coaching fees, as well as the travel expenses of the coaches and management, are paid. In addition, SPAR will make arrangements to pay for the travel costs of four underprivileged junior national players to the Inline Hockey World Championship, relieving the players and their families of the burden of raising desperately needed funds and allowing the inline hockey community to concentrate primarily on the development of the sport and team.


In 1998, the NIIHA was established. Including the men’s, women’s, and junior teams, the associations now have 416 players. The inline hockey squad from Namibia has competed in international competitions for a few years and is becoming more well-known. The national growth of the Namibian inline hockey teams and the efforts being made to foster more inclusivity in the sport were both recognised by SPAR Namibia as having enormous potential.


SPAR Namibia’s sports sponsorship of both the national teams and other local events comes from a profound concern in creating inclusive sporting opportunities for all. The shop is promoting inline hockey and player development through its new sponsorship.




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Regarding SPAR Namibia

The store portfolio of SPAR Namibia consists of 33 locations, with 2021 retail sales of €158.6 million. Local skill development and corporate social responsibility participation in local and national programmes continue to get significant attention.