The Great Meeting: On March 25, E.Leclerc organizes a fantastic day of work in 480 stores.

March 14, 2023

The Great Meeting: On March 25, E.Leclerc organizes a fantastic day of work in 480 stores.

The second iteration of “La Grande rencontre,” a massive job dating event held in 480 E. Leclerc centers, is being planned by the E. Leclerc Movement on Saturday, March 25.
additionally the chance to participate in a tour behind the scenes to learn the inner workings of their store.

Future employees are recruited by 480 E.Leclerc shops.
After the success of the first edition of 2022, which gathered more than 35,000 participants and
Having led to more than 3,000 hiring in the weeks that followed, E.Leclerc once again organizes its big job appointment on Saturday 25 March, open to all candidates, regardless of their level of experience.
7000 employment will be created throughout France in a variety of occupations, including cashiers, butchers, order preparers in drives or warehouses, communications officers, bookmakers, carists, and even mechanics. E.Leclerc recruits across the board in the industry, so the variety of job possibilities provided by the broad distribution is crucial.
In order to introduce themselves, candidates may do so with or without a CV.
Interviews with recruiters last 10 minutes. The retailer then commits to responding to each applicant within the following three weeks in order to move forward with the hiring process.

the area behind the stores
On that day, more than 150 shops also provide the opportunity to learn about the history of their companies through arranged shopping excursions and interactions with staff. Visitors—candidates or not—will be able to tour manufacturing labs, reserves, or the drive, for instance, to learn more about how an E.Leclerc center is run on a regular basis.
The following queries from members will be addressed by this immersion: How is inventory control handled? What products (baked goods, etc.) are produced in the store? What level of local support does the place of sale receive (from buyers, producers, etc.)?
It is sufficient to register for the event on day J at the reception of the attending stores.
Find the roster of retailers taking part in the backstage discovery.

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There are a variety of positions available under the E.Leclerc movement.
In France, Le Mouvement E.Leclerc is the industry pioneer in big distribution. Currently, the business has 140,000 employees working in a range of professions. In actuality, 90% of workers profit from a CDI contract, and 1 in 2 workers is over the age of 10.

E.Leclerc trains 70,000 employees annually, primarily young individuals, in 150 various professions. Each year, businesses hire and train more than 4 000 substitutes, including 2 500 apprentices, and 9 000 trainees. The E.Leclerc Movement pays attention to the goals of its workers and provides rich, varied training that encourages independence and the growth of potential. As a result, the brand considers it an honor to support its employees as they develop their abilities and get ready for a career change.
Members of the E. Leclerc Movement believe that everyone should be able to gain from the outcome if everyone participates in the execution of the teaching sign. In this regard, they annually distribute to their staff 25% of the shop profits.