The first “Vegetal Tasting Week” is being organized by CARREFOUR.

March 9, 2023

The first “Vegetal Tasting Week” is being organized by CARREFOUR.


Carrefour’s “Vegetable tasting week” operation, which runs from February 2 to 4, aims to make the consumption of vegetable proteins available to everyone by providing in-store tastings and discount coupons.

The flavor of vegetable proteins, which is characterized by “a strong vegetable taste, or a smell of cut grass (for peas in particular),” is frequently cited by consumers as a deterrent to intake.

Therefore, it is essential to first eliminate the a priori tastes and give the tasting of these goods on a large scale in order to democratize the consumption of vegetable proteins and vegetate the plates. Because consuming a plant-based diet is enjoyable! In order to improve the pleasure of flavor with these products and work toward a healthy and sustainable diet, Carrefour Sensation and many other brands are currently investing in and creating plant-based meat, plant-based cheese, and even plant-based desserts.

In order to increase consumer access to plant-based foods, Carrefour and its partner companies Happyvore, Violife, and Andros will hold in-store tastings from February 2 to 4 along with discount coupons.

“There is something for everyone,” said the chef. “Vegetable chicken and knak strips, vegetable slices of cheddar and Emmental, even chocolate mousse or stirred with lemon and vegetable milk!”