The Cheapest SuperMarket in UK 2023

May 8, 2023

The cheapest supermarket in UK is named where shopping costs less than £17 per item purchased.



In April, The Cheapest supermarket in UK was identified that offers the lowest-cost shopping experience, costing only £17 less.

Consumer watchdog Which? Conducted its monthly comparison of 39 popular grocery items at eight of the biggest UK supermarkets and identified one as being most cost-effective:

Aldi was once again named the cheapest supermarket – marking 11 months running as the most affordable option.

The Cheapest SuperMarket in UK 2023

Aldi offered a basket of goods at £69.99 – almost 17 pence less tha  i n Waitrose! Lidl came second cheapest, with prices starting from £70.64, which was more expensive.

Sainsbury’s came third at £76.85, after Asda (£77.92), Tesco (£78.09), Morrisons (£81.46), Ocado (£83.69) and Waitrose. 


Although Which? Surveys remain closely guarded secrets; Office for National Statistics recently unveiled a tool showing how prices of over 450 products had changed during one year – this can provide some indication of items included in these surveys.


Which? also conducted an in-depth cost comparison between an original trolley of 39 products, plus additional 96 items from their more giant trolley of 135, such as Andrex toilet paper and Cathedral City cheese, without discounter supermarkets like Aldi or Lidl being factored into this calculation.


Asda again emerged as the lowest price for our more extensive trolley comparison – holding onto their title since January 2020.

The Cheapest SuperMarket in UK 2023

Asda’s more extensive shop cost just £343.46 in April – nearly 30 per cent less than Waitrose (£382.22). Sainsbury’s came second cheapest at just over PS350.99 while Morrisons (£355.84), Tesco (£365.77), Ocado (£374.53), Ocado and Waitrose each cost more.


Eli Clark, Which? Retail Editor stated: “Food and drink prices continue to skyrocket as people endure one of the worst cost of living crises for decades. With our research revealing savings of up to £17 per basket by using discounters like Aldi and Lidl, this trend may continue.


Which? believes supermarkets are failing their shoppers, with Which? Highlighting that big retailers must ensure everyone can access basic, affordable food ranges at stores nearby at reasonable prices with comparable pricing so people can quickly identify which products offer value.” 


The cheapest supermarkets for baskets of 39 items were Aldi at £69.99 and Lidl at  £70.64, with Aldi being the most affordable at just under 70 items each for a basket of 39 items plus Tesco had the lowest overall prices with £78.09 per unit of Morrisons at £81.46 whilst Ocado offered prices of £83.69 with Waitrose coming in at #87.33 Waitrose £382.22




Consumer watchdog Which? has again recognized Aldi as the UK’s cheapest supermarket, providing 39 popular grocery items at  £69.99 per basket; nearly 17 pence less than Waitrose. Upon comparing 135 items for cost comparison purposes, Asda came out on top as it offered them for  £343.46 total in April- almost 30% less than Waitrose at  £382.22 each month. Retail Editor Eli Clark of Which? commented that food and drink prices continue to rise and noted how big retailers must provide affordable options available to everyone.