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The Carbon Trust Issues ‘Reducing CO2’ Certification to Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED Display.


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The Carbon Trust Issues ‘Reducing CO2’ Certification to Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED Display.


Six Neo QLED 8K and Neo QLED 4K models have been certified as having a smaller carbon footprint than their predecessors, based on cradle-to-grave footprint.
This year, it’s anticipated that more than 20 models will receive certifications as Samsung boosts its sustainability initiatives.

Carbon Trust’s “Reducing CO2” certification has been awarded to six different models from Samsung Electronics’ 2023 Neo QLED product line, as was revealed by the company today.

This label is bestowed onto a product when it can be demonstrated that its carbon footprint has decreased from one year to the next. This is a demonstration of Samsung’s efforts to improve the environmental friendliness of its products throughout their entire lifecycle.


“It is rewarding to see Samsung’s sustainability mission recognised by a trusted organisation, as we remain committed to creating products with the future of our planet at the forefront of our minds,”

said Seokwoo Yong, Executive Vice President and Deputy Head of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

“We remain committed to creating products with the future of our planet at the forefront of our minds.” “As the largest TV manufacturer in the world, we acknowledge that it is our responsibility to set an example for others to follow, and we intend to continue utilising technology to drive positive change.”


The United Kingdom’s government established the Carbon Trust as a global climate consultancy with the goal of mitigating the effects of climate change and lowering emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs).

The organisation determines its eligibility for carbon footprint certification by calculating the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) generated1 across the entirety of the product lifespan,

beginning with manufacture and ending with disposal, using criteria that are acknowledged on a global scale.

It is important to note that the label does not take CO2 offsets into account.


The certification was awarded to the 2023 Neo QLED models as acknowledgement of Samsung’s efforts to minimise the weight of the products and their power consumption during the use phase when compared to their predecessors.

There are three Neo QLED 8K screens and three Neo QLED 4K screens included among the six certified models.2 This year, Samsung anticipates earning carbon footprint certification for more than 20 models spanning its latest portfolio of QLED,

Crystal UHD, and OLED TVs, as well as monitors, and signage items. Samsung’s goal is to increase the scope of these efforts, and as part of that effort, the company plans to achieve certification.

Carbon Trust Reducing CO2 Certification Thumb1000

When it came to televisions with a 4K resolution or greater, the Samsung Neo QLED screen was the first to earn the certification in the year 2021. The next year, 16 different models spanning Samsung’s 2022 lineup were successful in obtaining the certification.

These models included 11 televisions from Samsung’s QLED, Crystal UHD, and Lifestyle TV ranges, in addition to five monitors and signage items.


The Visual Display Business division of Samsung, which has been the industry leader in television for the seventeenth year in a row, continues to create environmentally responsible goods and practises for its display devices.


Please visit www.samsung.com in order to obtain additional details regarding Samsung’s 2023 television product line.

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Source: SPAR Scotland

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1 The Carbon Trust has been running a certificate programme called the “Carbon Footprint Label” since 2007.
2 Neo QLED 8K (75QN900C, 75QN800C, 75QN700C), Neo QLED 4K (75QN95C, 75QN90C, 75QN85C)

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