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The Bespoke Infinite Line from Samsung Electronics is a new column refrigerator with timeless style and top performance.


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The Bespoke Infinite Line from Samsung Electronics is a new column refrigerator with timeless style and top performance.

The new bespoke Infinite Line refrigerator synchronizes with your lifestyle by combining a premium aesthetic, practical features, and flexible storage options.

Today, Samsung Electronics revealed that the Bespoke Infinite Line Refrigerator would be available in a few international markets. The Bespoke Infinite Line Refrigerator, which was first introduced in Europe 1, will soon be available in Mexico, Thailand, and Australia.

The brand-new, high-end built-in refrigerator from Samsung comes in fridge, freezer, or wine cellar models, and it has a timeless, modern modular design that fits in with any interior. The Bespoke Infinite Line Refrigerator adds long-lasting value to consumers’ kitchens with its clean lines, premium natural materials, and features that maximize convenience and simplify food storage.

According to Junhwa Lee, EVP and Head of the Customer Experience Team of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics, “each expansion of the Bespoke lineup introduces the joys of customizing experiences to more users.”The Bespoke Infinite Line Refrigerator “reimagines Bespoke customization in a premium fridge, creating the ultimate blend of style and performance” by combining high-quality materials with modular designs.

A Classic Style that Upgrades Any Kitchen
The Bespoke Infinite Line Refrigerator is made to last and features a classic design that incorporates the newest trends. The new aesthetic, known as Infinite Design, is distinguished by its seamless appearance, strong materials, luxurious finishing, and sophisticated design cues.

The Bespoke Infinite Line fridge is a Bespoke refrigerator, so it comes with a modular design made of premium materials that can be altered and combined to meet the changing needs of customers. By guaranteeing that the refrigerator will remain fashionable regardless of how consumers’ lifestyles change, Infinite Design increases that adaptability. The Bespoke Infinite Line Refrigerator will never look out of date thanks to its clean lines, smooth surface, Timeless Greige finish, and elegant gold copper edge frame.

The exterior of the refrigerator is made of premium aluminum, which is more scratch- and dent-resistant and allows stains and marks to be removed with ease. Black metal cooling and tunnel lighting, two features that perfectly exemplify the refrigerator’s elegant balance of form and function, make the interior luminous and elegant.

For more information about the Bespoke Infinite Line Refrigerator, please visit Samsung.com.

Black metal cooling, when applied to the duct and door, not only adds depth for a distinctly premium appearance, but it also keeps food fresher for longer by quickly making up for heat loss. In addition to improving the aesthetics, the tunnel lighting on the frame and shelves allows customers to see clearly into every crevice of their refrigerator. The interior is not only beautiful but also roomy. The wine cellar has space for up to 101 bottles, while the refrigerator and freezer have a combined capacity of 805 liters.

Elevating Kitchen Convenience to a New Level
The Bespoke Infinite Line Refrigerator is loaded with features that maximize convenience to give users a usage experience that is more in line with how they use their refrigerator today. These technologies work together to give users a truly exceptional user experience with instant access to food and beverages.

The brand-new Auto Open Door has a sensor on its side that, with just a touch, instantly opens the door.

4 This makes it simple for users to open their refrigerator, even if their hands are weighed down with shopping or sticky from food preparation. The door’s integrated sensor eliminates the need for a handle, and its stylishly straightforward appearance satisfies contemporary consumers’ desire for uncluttered designs.

The BPA-free, dishwasher-safe AutoFill Pitcher 7 makes it simple to get ice-cold, filtered water whenever you need it. Additionally, it has an integrated infuser8 that enables users to flavor beverages with any fruits and herbs they choose. With a choice of either whisky ball ice or cubed ice, the Dual Auto Ice Maker 9 guarantees that users always have plenty of ice.

Flexibility in Cooling for Best Freshness
With the Bespoke Infinite Line Refrigerator’s adaptable storage options, users can keep a variety of foods fresh and safely store them all at once in ideal conditions.

To meet users’ daily needs, the Flex Pantry10 is an independently controlled drawer that can be quickly changed to various preset temperatures. The two built-in temperature settings are perfect for preserving the natural flavors and textures of a variety of premium ingredients, including meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables, for a longer period of time.

The Triple Temperature Zone 11 in the wine cellar provides the same level of optimized freshness for wine storage. It offers the best wine preservation by allowing users to simultaneously store various bottles of wine under ideal conditions thanks to its three distinct climate zones and precise temperature controls. The triple-glazed glass in the UV Protect Glass Door has UV ray protection. It protects it from alterations in the outside temperature, ensuring that the interior temperature stays constant, and it provides UV protection. 12

A seamless integration of smart things
Utilizing the refrigerator is made simple by its seamless connectivity, which streamlines everything from wine storage to energy management.

assistance with SmartThings Users can enjoy a more delicious and rich dining experience with Sommelier at Home. A feature of the SmartThings app, SmartThings Sommelier at Home analyzes wine labels and provides information on ideal storage conditions to remove the guesswork from wine storage. The service makes the ideal food and wine pairing recommendations when used in conjunction with SmartThings Cooking, just like a real sommelier would. 14

Users can easily monitor and manage their refrigerator’s electricity use with the help of SmartThings Energy15 support, which also provides advice on how to save money and the environment. By examining usage patterns and other variables and optimizing settings to save energy, AI Energy Mode raises the bar on efficiency.


The Bespoke Infinite Line from Samsung Electronics is a new column refrigerator with timeless style and top performance.



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