The Beginning of the Launch of Our Circular Product Standard 2

April 25, 2023

The Beginning of the Launch of Our Circular Product Standard


Primark’s Circular Product Lead is Nicholas Lambert, if you were wondering. In this section, he discusses Primark’s newest collection,

which is based on this structure, as well as our objectives to become a more circular business.

When we first set out to develop Primark’s Circular Product Standard (CPS) more than two years ago, these were the phrases that served as a source of motivation and helped us concentrate our aspirations.

Beginning of the Launch

The Customer Performance Standards (CPS) of Primark are a set of design principles that will live and evolve throughout our company as we work to make our clothing last for longer.

It is based on the vision for a circular economy for fashion that was developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a global thought leader on circularity, and by WRAP,

an environmental non-governmental organisation that works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

These guiding principles are an integral component of the larger Primark Cares strategy, which is our long-term goal to provide more environmentally responsible apparel at prices that are accessible to everyone.

In order to assist in the process of putting theory into practise, we have engaged in intensive collaboration with Primark’s designers and buyers, in addition to consulting with industry experts and suppliers.

The year before, we put the CPS through its paces with several of our Product Teams and important suppliers, and the feedback they provided proved to be quite helpful in bringing us to where we are now.

In order to move this initiative forward, we are planning to introduce a bespoke circular design training course by the end of this year.

This curriculum will educate more members of our Product Teams as well as key suppliers on the theory and practise of a circular economy.

The CPS plays a central role in this and contributes to enabling its application across our company, from the design stage all the way to the manufacturing of our clothing.

Additionally, the CPS backs our consumer education programme on clothing repair and our attempts to make our garments last longer by supporting our efforts to make our clothes more durable.

Continue reading for more from Nicholas Lambert, Primark’s Circularity Lead. Beginning of the Launch

Overall, we hope that the Circular Product Standard will spark a wider conversation within the industry.

so that we can reach a consensus on the definition of what constitutes a circular product and discuss how we can integrate circular design in every business that is a part of the fashion industry.

In addition, we hope that this will provide an opportunity for us to share opportunities and challenges that exist in this space.

Additionally, it is our aim that it will help future legislative decisions about eco-design in the main territories in which we presently operate,

such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

For my part, I’d like to express my gratitude to all of my coworkers, as well as the suppliers and partners that supported our efforts to move this ahead. Beginning of the Launch

In addition to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF), this entails the participation of our business partners,

such as the circular economy think tank Circle Economy and the sustainable fashion education organisation Sustainable Fashion Academy, both of which are non-profit organisations.

It is not simple to change an organisation of Primark’s size and scope, but I am pleased with where we have arrived at today. We are aware that this is only the first stage,

and that we do not currently possess all of the solutions to the problem. However, in order to get off to a good start, you need to visualise where you want to finish up.

We are open to and encourage collaboration because we believe that, collectively,

we will be better able to learn, foster innovation, and support our overarching goal that used clothes can be recycled into new ones. Our CPS is going to be updated on a regular basis,

Beginning of the Launch as we want to do as this space continues to develop and advance, and we are looking forward to reporting to you all on our development.

Nicholas Lambert
Circular Product Lead

Beginning of the Launch
Beginning of the Launch