Tetra Pak has been acknowledged as a European Climate Leader for the year 2023 by the Financial Times.

May 9, 2023

Tetra Pak has been designated as a European Climate Leader for the year 2023 by the Financial Times, acknowledging the organization’s strides in mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and its unwavering dedication to climate change efforts.


Only the leading 500 companies that had the highest reduction in their GHG emissions intensity were included on the final list that was compiled by Financial Times and Statista. The other thousands of businesses that were evaluated did not make the cut.

Each company on the list has been given its own individual score, which was determined by compiling data on the number of emissions produced by the company, the level of disclosure regarding these emissions, and the percentage by which the company has reduced its emissions.

Tetra Pak achieved a 54.3% absolute decrease of the Scope 1 and 2 emissions during a five-year period1, which led to the company being ranked in the top 20% of the 500 companies that were listed. The rating acknowledges Tetra Pak’s efforts across the value chain (Scope 3), noting its regular inclusion amongst CDP A-listed businesses and its net-zero targets as approved by Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) along a 1.5° pathway. Additionally, the ranking acknowledges Tetra Pak’s regular presence amongst CDP A-listed enterprises.


Adolfo Orive, President & CEO at Tetra Pak, says: “The acknowledgment is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. While we are proud of our achievements to date, we have plans to continue mitigating our environmental impact further – by decarbonising our value chain, driving circular solutions while contributing to food system resilience and protecting biodiversity. All these actions are core to our purpose, as we commit to making food safe and available everywhere and we promise to protect what’s good – food, people and the planet.”