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Tetra Pak accelerates solutions in order to reduce food loss


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Tetra Pak accelerates solutions in order to reduce food loss


Tetra Pak accelerates its services with the goal of enhancing efficiency and reducing food losses for food and beverage producers.

The company aims to address various aspects of food production, including raw materials, water usage, and waste disposal, as part of its initiative to combat food loss.

This effort has earned Tetra Pak recognition from Kepner Tregoe, who awarded the company for implementing problem-solving methods in food packaging manufacturing.

The issue of food loss is a significant challenge in the global food supply chain. Annually, approximately 14 percent of the world’s food, valued at $400 billion, is lost between the stages of harvest, production, and the retail market.

Tetra Pak further regarded that the loss of food also translates to a loss of water, with an estimated 45 trillion gallons of water wasted within the 1.3 billion tons of food that are discarded each year worldwide, according to the World Resources Institute.

Roberto Franchitti, Executive VP of Services at Tetra Pak, emphasizes the company’s commitment to addressing food loss by improving machine performance, minimizing failures that could disrupt production and lead to food loss.

Tetra Pak aims to contribute to responsible production and a circular economy by ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

Tetra Pak accelerates and offers a range of waste reduction solutions, including consumables, plant components and upgrades, water filtration solutions, and consumables for wastewater reduction at various stages within a customer’s plant.

Additionally, the company’s asset management solutions for equipment, such as Customized Outcome-based Solutions, Maintenance Units, and Remote Support, increase equipment uptime, reduce response time for repairs, and promote equipment reuse to prolong its lifetime.

Sasha Ilyukhin, Global VP of Processing Services and Services Solutions at Tetra Pak, highlights the positive impact of their services in America.

In the USA, eight food producers utilizing Tetra Pak Expert Services reduced their CO2 emissions by 7.62 kilotons, equivalent to 9% of their total plant emissions. Tetra Pak accelerates its operations and plans to expand these services to more markets.

Matthieu Coupeau, Senior Consultant at Kepner Tregoe, expresses delight in honoring Tetra Pak for its exceptional performance in addressing challenges within food and packaging manufacturing. The Kepner Tregoe award ceremony is scheduled to take place on July 28th in New York.





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