Tesco provides the Salvation Army’s Christmas Present Appeal with a lorry load of toys.

December 15, 2022

Tesco provides the Salvation Army’s Christmas Present Appeal with a lorry load of toys.

This week, the Salvation Army’s annual Christmas Present Appeal received a boost from the generosity of Tesco, which donated 3,500 toys to the cause. The Appeal gives toys to families whose children would otherwise go without a gift on Christmas if the family did not participate in the programme.

The Christmas Present Appeal made it possible to give gifts to more than 96,000 children the previous year. For many years, churches affiliated with the Salvation Army have provided financial assistance to families during the Christmas season. Since the beginning of the organisation, providing assistance in a tangible form to people who are struggling to make ends meet has been an essential component of the Salvation Army’s work. The lorry of toys that was donated by Tesco was transported to the distribution centre of the Salvation Army in Wollaston, and from there, the toys will go to every corner of the United Kingdom, where local corps will give them to families who are in need of them.

Pallets of popular children’s toys such as Peppa Pig playsets, Lego sets, jigsaw puzzles, Hot Wheels Motor Makers Kitz, Paw Patrol sets, Teamsterz Monster Moverz, Cry Babies dolls, and Rainbocorns were included in the contribution.

Tesco provides the Salvation Army's Christmas Present Appeal with a lorry load of toys.

“More than ever during Christmas, we want to assist our communities and those who might be struggling,” Ally Rose, Category Director at Tesco, said. “This includes families who may be finding it difficult to afford presents for their children this year.”

We hope that by contributing to the Salvation Army’s Christmas Present Appeal, we will make Christmas Day a little less stressful for families who are struggling financially all across the United Kingdom.

The Salvation Army’s Lieutenant Colonel Dean Pallant expressed his organization’s gratitude to Tesco for their generous gift of gifts and said, “We are happy to be collaborating with Tesco this Christmas.” This year, as a result of spiralling inflation and the skyrocketing cost of living, an increasing number of people who are in need are seeking assistance from The Salvation Army. “Donations such as these help us offer joy to a great number of youngsters over the holiday season and serve as a guiding light to vulnerable families who are teetering on the edge of survival,”

In addition to the donation that was made to the Christmas Present Appeal by the Salvation Army, kind customers of Tesco have been dropping off hundreds of toys at their local participating stores. These presents will be distributed to families in need by local community organisations.