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Tesco promotes diversity; all employees develop their abilities without exception.


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Tesco promotes diversity; all employees develop their abilities without exception.

The third of December is observed annually as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Tesco in Slovakia has endeavored for a long time to establish working conditions that allow all employees to develop their talents and skills equally. Male and female colleagues, as well as students with disabilities, have found employment at Tesco as a result of the company’s openness, education, and support for diversity. According to the most recent Diversity and Inclusion Report, 6.2% of Tesco employees in Slovakia are disabled.

Tesco has made a long-term commitment on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities to create conditions and opportunities for disabled employees. “Every day, employees with disabilities make Tesco more diverse and human. Their histories and destinies have such a profound impact on us that we are determined to break down all barriers and demonstrate to the world that Tesco is a place where everyone is welcome. I am pleased when customers recognize the contributions of our disabled employees in the store. It indicates that we are maturing as a society and recognizing our differences and commonalities. We are on a lengthy path of transformation, but I am confident that with our size and strength as one of the largest private employers, we can serve as an example for many others, “says Miroslava Rychtárechová, HR Director of Tesco in Slovakia.

The inclusion of individuals with disabilities is one of the pillars of Tesco’s strategy for diversity and inclusion. According to the most recent Diversity and Inclusion Report for 2022, approximately 6.2% of Tesco’s employees have disabilities. This significantly exceeds the legal requirement to employ at least 3.2% of individuals with a diminished capacity to work.

Marietka Kováová, who is disabled and works at the Tesco supermarket in Nitra, is a member of the Tesco team. Marietka arranges the merchandise on the shelves so that it is easily accessible and immediately visible to the customer when making a purchase. Her training was more extensive, and her colleague and work assistant, Danka, assists her daily with certain tasks. Colleagues are fond of her and have adapted to the particulars of her functioning. Moreover, her presence provided the team with perspective and humor. They frequently hear Marietka say “I’m happy” while sipping coffee or “It’s a mess” when beginning a shift. M. Rychtárechová adds, “Each of us is unique, and colleagues with disabilities add variety to our teams and inspire us by overcoming obstacles every day.”

Gradual resumption of work
Returning to work after a lengthy absence due to illness can be physically and mentally taxing. Therefore, Tesco implemented a benefit that will make this difficult time easier for employees last year. Colleagues from stores, the central office, and distribution centers will be permitted to work half-time for the first month after returning to work, and Tesco will match their full salary.

Tesco develops cooperation to support inclusion
Additionally, Tesco provides accommodations for students with disabilities. This academic year, 53 students with disabilities are enrolled in practical classes at Tesco stores. Tesco entered into a partnership with the organization AltERNATIVA, Center for Independent Living, n.o., in order to further improve the inclusion of employees with disabilities. As part of this collaboration, Tesco offers the From School to Life program, which assists disadvantaged youth in making a successful transition from school to work and personal life.

Tesco promotes diversity; all employees develop their abilities without exception.

Tesco in Slovakia is involved in a number of initiatives with the objective of actively promoting the employment of individuals with disabilities. The chain is a component of the national project We Are Equal, which aids people who have suffered a life-threatening injury or accident that has altered their ability to work. He also participated in the Vpomoc-Srdcom initiative of the job portal Profesia. It aims to assist employers and job seekers in integrating and overcoming initial obstacles. Simultaneously, Tesco joined the Profesia Lab program, which provides a new way for employers, community partners, schools, and career counselors to collaborate effectively. They intend to increase the employment of individuals with disabilities in the open labor market.



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