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Tesco is a welcoming place for all! Tesco is releasing the Report on implementing the plan in the area of diversity and inclusion for the second time.


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Tesco is a welcoming place for all! Tesco is releasing the report on implementing the plan in the area of diversity and inclusion for the second time.

Tesco is a welcoming place for all! No matter their skin tone, age, gender, sexual orientation, or physical limitations, Tesco in Slovakia provides the greatest working environment for all of its employees. There are employment options here for people with impairments, parents, elders, and young people looking for a job after finishing school. The business also provided dozens of jobs for Ukrainian immigrants by responding quickly and adaptably to their presence. Men and women in the same role are paid equally, of course, but the total ratio reveals gender inequalities This captures the social climate in Slovakia. Tesco posts them openly and takes action to have them taken off. The Report on Fulfilling the Strategy in the Field of Diversity and Inclusion, which the company releases for the second time, further supports Tesco’s commitment to diversity.

Data specifically presented in the most recent report on the fulfillment of the strategy in the field of diversity and inclusion for the period from July 2021 to June 2022 confirm variety and diversity. During this time, Tesco employed 8,218 coworkers, of whom 74% were women and 26% were men. The presence of 18 people of different nationalities at Tesco is another indication that everyone is welcome there. For a very long time, the company has been successful in fostering an inclusive workplace where even those with disabilities can find employment. More over 6% of both male and female coworkers

Tesco strives to provide more each day for its customers, communities, and the planet as a whole. Colleagues play a critical role in helping us complete our mission. We aim to be a business that represents the variety of our clients and the neighborhoods where we do business. We work hard to make everyone feel welcome as the third-largest private business with more than 8,000 people. Tesco has,We are unified by diversity; we embrace, value, and respect each other’s differences, and we’re committed to fostering an environment at work where people can be themselves without worrying about being judged. We voluntarily released the first in-depth report on diversity and inclusion last year, making us the first significant employer to do so. The second report in a row is now being published as promised, according to Martin Kuruc, CEO of Tesco in Slovakia Even the coworkers themselves are encouraged and made to feel welcome. In the employee survey Every voice matters, 89% of the colleagues surveyed said they felt free to be who they are at Tesco without worrying about being criticized. The survey’s same proportion indicated that Tesco is transforming into an inclusive workplace. “Our coworkers continually add to the diversity and humanity of Tesco. We are inspired by their life stories and destinies to break down barriers and demonstrate to the outside world that Tesco is an inclusive workplace where one can find everyone. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing our customers show appreciation for our disabled coworkers and coworkers from other underrepresented groups as they work in the business. It shows that society is developing and that we are beginning to recognize both our similarities and our distinctions. We have a long way to go in terms of change, but I am confident that given our size and our position as one of the biggest private employers, we can serve as an example for many others, says Miroslava Rychtarechová, Tesco Slovakia’s HR Director.

At Tesco, the age distribution of male and female coworkers also reflects variety. More than 30% of employees are above the age of 55, 26% are between the ages of 45 and 54, and more than 30% are between the ages of 35 and 44. There is a substantial representation of young individuals; up to 27% of coworkers are between the ages of 18 and 34. Tesco runs a number of initiatives and projects in Slovakia to improve the working environment for young people.

Young people can start a career at Tesco right after graduation.

High school and college graduates who wish to move up to managerial roles in retail or distribution are the target audience for programs for young leaders. These courses give participants the specialized training they need to be able to manage a team. Additionally, these initiatives give Tesco’s young executives the chance to get practical experience by giving them the chance to travel with and pick the brains of more seasoned colleagues. Tesco, for instance, provides a special chance for recent graduates who are interested in working in the corporate office to test out various employment possibilities inside the Graduate Program.

In 2015, Tesco actively participated in the dual education system and allowed the practical teaching of male and female students in its facilities in collaboration with secondary vocational institutions. The chain works with numerous vocational schools in Slovakia that train students for careers in marketing, sales, and other sectors, including baking. There are currently 696 students enrolled in practical classes at Tesco; a major portion of them are Roma pupils from underserved communities.

Tesco is a welcoming place for all! Tesco is releasing the Report on implementing the plan in the area of diversity and inclusion for the second time.

In community centers, the chain directly addressed parents as part of its collaboration with People in Need, explaining to them the opportunities that their children can receive as a result of simultaneous enrollment in Tesco. The first female students will graduate from the Poprad hypermarket, where this program was initially introduced in 2019, this academic year.

At Tesco, working from home was routine even before the epidemic, when it briefly became the norm for everyone. The chain is experimenting with additional flexible work options this year. The shortened four-day work week is available for three months to coworkers who are caring for family members or studying for school examinations. This often entails working 10 hours per day, Monday through Thursday. One day of vacation equates to one working day’s gross income for people who have already used up all of their vacation days. These people can ‘purchase’ up to five additional days of vacation. The first coworkers have already taken advantage of the potential for temporary remote work from another country, particularly during the summer vacation period.

Tesco’s efforts to become the best place to work are also confirmed by recently won awards. Last year, Tesco became a three-time laureate of Via Bona Slovakia awards. The chain won the Responsible Large Company Award, the Outstanding Employer Award, and the Public Award. This year, Tesco won the Slovak National Award for quality and social responsibility, which is awarded annually by the State Quality Policy Coordinator, the Office for Standardization, Metrology and Testing of the Slovak Republic. This year, Tesco is once again among the nominees in the Best Employer 2022 poll in the Trade and Services category and can defend its victory from last year. Currently, Tesco is also a nominee for the Roma Spirit 2022 award in the category of company and employer for its long-term approach to creating an inclusive working environment for people with social disadvantages.

Tesco releases a report on the fulfillment of the social responsibility strategy in Slovakia in order to openly and fully convey its accomplishments in the area of responsible business. As the only major employer in Slovakia, the chain released its first report on the implementation of its diversity and inclusion plan last year with the intention of transparently disseminating an overview of pertinent facts and figures as well as employee testimonies. In the report, he also outlines his plans for achieving the objective of making everyone feel welcome at Tesco.

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