Tesco Ireland helps employees by improving compensation and benefits.

February 7, 2023

Tesco Ireland has just informed its employees that they will be receiving an additional salary raise and improvement in their benefits package. These changes are intended to help the company’s employees.

In addition to the existing 10% discount available on purchases and the twice-yearly 20% discount available on seasonal events, Tesco will begin offering an improved version of its Colleague Clubcard* from March 1st, providing a monthly 15% discount event in addition to the existing 10% discount. Tesco is boosting the annual discount limit by €200, bringing the total annual amount up to €1,500. This move is intended to provide more assistance to households and families.

Tesco is providing free hot breakfast and lunch alternatives, in addition to complementary period care items, for its employees as part of its commitment to the company’s benefits programme.

The hourly wages of retail employees will see a hike of 4% as of the first of April, bringing the total pay raises given out over the course of the previous year to 10%.

Mr. Maurice Kelly is the Director of People for Tesco Ireland. “Our coworkers have shared with us how much of a difference the discount we offer to colleagues makes for them and their families. We are pleased to announce that as part of our effort to promote financial wellbeing, we will be making this long-term investment in our complete incentive and benefits package in order to further assist our coworkers and their families.

In addition to the further improved discount, we are also informing colleagues about the hourly pay award that they will receive this year in order to assist them in budgeting for the coming year. Colleagues working in retail will be eligible for an additional pay increase of 4% beginning in April, bringing their total pay increase over the past year up to 10%.

Tesco is one of the major private sector employers in Ireland and a market leader in the food retail industry. Tesco provides its employees with extremely competitive pay and benefits packages. It has made major investments in benefits, such as paid maternity, paternity, and adoption leave, along with the launch of a more accessible industry-leading retirement savings plan just a year ago. These investments were made in just the past twelve months. Additionally, Tesco offers programmes that allow employees to save a portion of their earnings towards the purchase of shares, as well as programmes that allow employees to take advantage of tax incentives offered by the government and programmes that encourage employees to ride their bikes to work.