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Tesco Hungary Introduces New Digital Advertising Displays

Tesco Hungary’s digital advertising displays installation is adding a different dimension to point-of-sale advertising. They are installing 132 state-of-the-art digital advertising displays across 44 stores in Hungary. Their plan is to increase the effectiveness of advertisements and improve the customer experience.

During the first Tesco Media Supplier Forum on June 21, Tesco showcased these new advertising tools to major consumer goods companies in partnership with dunnhumby; a retail customer data analysis firm that gives this innovation credibility.

Bettering Advertising and Customer Experience

The newest installation of Tesco Hungary digital advertising displays consists of multiple channels supporting creative campaigns through digital screens. These screens are capable of showing a 10-second video spot each and are available in three sizes for different advertising needs. They were widely adopted after successful trials sparked positive feedbacks as well as increased store traffic volumes.

Advantages of Digital Screens

Brands have an opportunity to engage customers with more varied content while improving point-of-sale efficiency. Here’s what can be expected:

Stronger Impact: Campaigns displayed on such screens recorded a 33% growth in traffic alongside a 34% increase in product purchases.

Wider Coverage: Moving displays catch customers’ attention 2.5 times better than static ones. Which leads to heightened brand awareness among shoppers.

Holistic Approach: Traditional promotions can easily be combined with retail point-of-sale advertising. That’s why they are creating an all-inclusive strategy.

Enhanced Customer Experience: An entertaining shopping environment created by more captivating content.

Adjusting to Changes in Media Market

To keep up with the ever-changing media landscape, Tesco Media- powered by dunnhumby- is expanding its reach across different touch points along the shopper’s journey hence ensuring that brands communicate directly with their audiences throughout various stages of buying process. The introduction of Tesco Hungary digital advertisement displays into this wider toolset has greatly contributed towards campaign effectiveness improvement so far witnessed besides driving higher traffic numbers Multi-channel campaigns offer a higher return. For instance customers exposed to messages on three channels spend 3.8 times more while those seeing single-channel ads spent significantly less.


The Tesco Hungary’s new digital advertising displays in Hungary represent a significant leap forward in point-of-sale advertisement. The Tesco Hungary digital advertising displays initiative will undoubtedly heighten both the impact of advertisements and customer experience thus setting new industry standards for retailing as whole

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