Tesco gets solar in Naas and Liffey Valley.

April 6, 2023

Tesco gets solar in Naas and Liffey Valley

In order to put more than 2000 Solar PV panels at its stores in Liffey Valley and Naas, Tesco Ireland has partnered with Enerpower. The action is the most recent in a series of steps taken to increase energy efficiencies throughout its company.

Just under 20% of the stores’ energy requirements will be met by the roof solar panels, which will also produce 745,000 kwh of electricity and prevent 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere annually.

The combined yearly energy output from the two stores will be enough to power about 180 homes.

“We are thrilled to be working with Tesco again to help them enhance their solar capabilities, which will help cut their costs significantly and, of course, reduce their overall carbon footprint,” said Dr. John Carty of Enerpower.

Minister of State Jack Chambers expressed his pleasure at Tesco’s use of solar energy to power their Liffey Valley store in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. It makes perfect sense for a shop of this kind, and I hope that other retailers take note. It will also greatly reduce the stores’ carbon footprint and advance Ireland’s sustainability agenda in addition to meeting one-fifth of their energy requirements.

Tesco already uses only renewable energy to run its network of retail locations, administrative buildings, and a distribution hub. In addition, it creates 1.5 million kwh of electricity annually from a wind turbine at its distribution centre in Donabate, with 30% of that energy being fed back into the national grid.

“We are absolutely committed to a more sustainable store model, and we are very excited about what the installation at Liffey Valley and Naas can offer us in terms of energy savings over time,” said Rosemary Garth, Director of Communications at Tesco Ireland. We have already been able to reduce our company’s total energy use by 25%, and we are continuing to work towards our goal of achieving net zero operations by the year 2035.

The company has upgraded its 165 store network’s refrigeration, lighting, and heating systems to be more energy efficient, which has allowed it to make substantial headway towards its climate action goals. As part of its pledge to be carbon neutral by 2035, the retailer has also recently started an electric van trial for its home delivery fleet from its Bloomfields shop in Dun Laoghaire.