Technological development puts a smile on our faces

September 7, 2022

We are witnessing a digital transformation in almost every aspect of our lives. The online world is increasingly merging with the offline world. We are experiencing the same in the retail industry. At Żabka, this revolution is taking place on two levels: digital transformation and change in our business approach.

Towards technology

For many retail companies, technology is just a service provider. At Żabka Group, we think differently. Technology, together with business and ESG, drives the development of our organisation. Already five years ago, we changed our mentality and created a pillar in our business strategy, which was digital transformation.

We started working on building digital tools for customers, employees and franchisees, designed the Żappka app, which has been downloaded by nearly 8 million users, and started investing in artificial intelligence.


Digital evolution


As a result, we are using our technology to set new standards in the convenience ecosystem by striving to constantly add value for our customers. And we are using this technological advantage to set new standards in the convenience ecosystem by constantly adding value for the customer.

We are the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe, we introduce modern payment methods, invest in q-commerce and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the scale of our operations, we can test modern solutions in a real environment, while listening to customer feedback. We take convenience to a completely new level – we redefine what the comfort of shopping is. And all this is thanks to technology. Innovation allows us to build value in the long term.

Our plans and analyses go beyond next year – we predict how the customer will be buying in 3-5 years.

We measure technological success in numbers