specialised oil collecting mechanism at Austrian INTERSPAR Hypermarkets

January 26, 2023

Customers now have access to collection machines in all 40 INTERSPAR Hypermarkets located throughout Austria. These machines make it simple and convenient to dispose of spent cooking oil in a manner that is environmentally friendly. SPAR Austria has formed a partnership with E&P UCO-Recycling to assist in the recycling of numerous litres of spent cooking oil from households that would otherwise be flushed down drains and disposed of in sewers on an annual basis. Customers get a voucher worth €0.10 per litre to use in-store that can be spent for whatever they like. The used cooking oil that is collected is later converted into biodiesel.
Used cooking oil can be collected and recycled in a convenient manner.
Customers can pick up free and reusable collection cans measuring one litre at any of the INTERSPAR Hypermarkets located across Austria that are equipped with collection devices. These cans are intended for the collection of wasted cooking oil. When the cans are completely full with used cooking oil at home, they should be brought to the store and securely closed before being emptied into the UCO collecting machine there. After being filtered, the previously used cooking oil is placed inside the vending machine. Customers will earn a reward of €0.10 for each litre of old cooking oil that they bring in. At the register, you can turn in the voucher to get your discount.

The concept of sustainability plays a significant role in the business philosophy at INTERSPAR Austria. Because of this, I am overjoyed that we are able to offer our customers new ways to lessen the impact that they have on the environment thanks to the used cooking oil collection machines that were developed in close cooperation with UCO, as stated by Johannes Holzleitner, the Managing Director of INTERSPAR Austria.

Essential component in the manufacture of biodiesel, the raw material
Used cooking oil is a valuable raw material that has the potential to be used in the manufacturing of biodiesel, which contributes positively to the concept of sustainability. When compared to petroleum diesel, biodiesel produced from leftover cooking oil is carbon neutral, produces less particulate matter pollution, and emits less greenhouse gases than conventional diesel.

When used cooking oil is poured down the drain and into the sewer system, it has a negative impact on the environment and results in millions of euros’ worth of damage, which is felt by everyone. The environmentally responsible disposal of spent cooking oil should become a breeze thanks to this convenient collection system, which should also result in cost savings.

specialised oil collecting mechanism at Austrian INTERSPAR Hypermarkets

Source: SPAR Austria

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