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SPAR provides invaluable assistance to charitable causes and endeavours.


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SPAR provides invaluable assistance to charitable causes and endeavors.

The local communities that SPAR Partners operate in across the world are supported in a variety of ways. We are pleased to present a number of significant charitable activities that will be carried out by our international SPAR country organizations from 2022 onward and beyond.
Customers of SPAR Hungary donated cash refunds from 200,000 aluminum cans to a charitable organization.
SPAR customers in Hungary donated the cash refund from 200,000 aluminum cans between the months of March and December 2022 in order to assist summer programs for youngsters who come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. The Hungarian Charitable Service of the Order of Malta, which has been SPAR Hungary’s longstanding charity partner, was the organization that first proposed the idea of donating the refund to a good cause back in March. The project was successful in collecting nearly 3 tons of recyclable aluminum and raising a total of HUF 1 million (€2,505) in money.

The 26th edition of SPAR Hungary’s Joy to Give campaign
As a result of the fundraising effort that was organized in the run-up to Christmas by the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service and SPAR Hungary, 143 tons of food supplies were able to be converted into gift packages and distributed to people who were in need during the holiday season. During this year’s Give Joy! fundraising campaign, patrons of SPAR Hungary contributed approximately 20,000 families’ worth of support.

The Gift a Gift Card Appeal receives support from SPAR UK Henderson Group’s fundraising efforts.
The nine SPAR and EUROSPAR stores located in Holywood, Bangor, Ballyholme, and Newtownards that participated in the fundraising event donated the money they raised to the local food bank located in North Down called Storehouse North Down. Donations will be applied to the Gift A Gift Card Appeal; for every ten pounds that is raised, ten pounds worth of One4All gift cards will be given to the organization. The retailers together raised a total of £4,028.11, which resulted in the donation of 402 gift cards with a value of £10 each to the food bank. The remaining portion of the funds that were raised was used to purchase further necessities. The benefitted families are able to purchase what they require at the precise moment that they require it, which assists them in navigating challenging circumstances.

The ongoing support that SPAR Scotland provides to Marie Curie and the Red Cross is greatly appreciated.
SPAR Scotland has celebrated another fruitful year of giving back to the community by sponsoring nonprofit organizations and community projects. In the year 2022, the national SPAR partner contributed 142,753 pounds (161,226 euros). Marie Curie received over £69,000. The Kiltwalk challenge brought in £24,038, while the community cashback campaign that took place during COP26 resulted in £26,000 being donated to 26 deserving organizations. In addition, the amount of £7,474.03 was given to the Red Cross, and the sum of £15,518.11 was distributed to a variety of local organizations and communities. This year, SPAR Scotland operator CJ Lang will continue to support Marie Curie, which is SPAR UK’s national charity partner. Additionally, as part of the operator’s philanthropic activity, CJ Lang wants to roll out foodbank bins to selected stores in Scotland.

SPAR Slovenia participates in regular charitable programs, through which it gives food products.
During the 11th iteration of the yearly holiday campaign known as “Let’s Help Together,” shoppers at SPAR Slovenia’s stores had the opportunity to give non-perishable food products to families in need until the end of the year. In addition, SPAR made a donation of €10,000 to Ana’s Star.

In addition, SPAR Slovenia and Eta Kamnik, a manufacturer of high-quality food items marketed under the Natureta brand, contributed product donations to those who are socially vulnerable. Since the beginning of November, SPAR Slovenia and Eta Kamnik have collaborated on a charitable initiative titled “2,000 meals for the homeless.” As part of this initiative, over 1,300 meals have been distributed to homeless shelters, safe houses, and day centers. Meals with the Natureta brand have been distributed to more than 300 care recipients and individuals in need from 20 institutions located in a variety of towns all around Slovenia as a result of an ongoing campaign that has been going on for several months.

SPAR provides invaluable assistance to charitable causes and endeavours.

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