SPAR opens its first store in Paraguay, in Latin America.

May 8, 2023



SPAR has revealed that the brand is coming to Latin America with the opening of its first store in Paraguay. The store is run by the Amiria Group, which was given a licence to run the brand in this market.


The business is owned and run by people in the area. It has stores called Los Jardines and Food Production Centre Innal. On May 5, 2023, in the city of Luque, the first SPAR Supermarket opened with a party and the cutting of a ribbon.


During the speeches at the opening event, invited guests were told about the benefits of being part of the international network of independent retailers who run SPAR shops around the world. SPAR Paraguay wants to give customers an even better shopping experience by using new and foreign best practises in each store to meet the needs of the local community.


Customers may find a wide variety of products within this SPAR Supermarket, with a particular emphasis placed on fresh produce, as seen by the fact that the fruit and vegetable area is visible from the front entrance of the store. The butchery and bakery are located further within the store for the convenience of the consumers.

The SPAR Supermarket, which is 737 square metres in size, has a staff of 28 workers, all of whom have received training in the fundamentals of SPAR as well as customer service and product knowledge.



SPAR International provided the development team with assistance in the areas of retail store design, marketing and communication campaigns, and access to international retail best practises in the time leading up to the debut. SPAR’s multi-format retailing approach, which has contributed to the expansion of the brand into new markets throughout the world, will serve as the foundation upon which SPAR Paraguay will be able to expand.


The knowledge of the local team, who are familiar with the requirements of their clientele, was combined with design elements from around the world to build a shop that serves as a model for SPAR’s continued growth in this market.


Source: SPAR Paraguay