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SPAR is growing its network even more


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SPAR is growing its network even more

“SPAR is teaming up with Korzinka, Uzbekistan’s biggest retailer, to bring the SPAR brand to the country. This exciting partnership aims to set top-notch retail standards, create job opportunities, and train skilled Uzbek personnel. By mid-2024, Korzinka plans to launch the first SPAR stores in Uzbekistan.
This move marks a significant step forward in Uzbekistan’s grocery retail scene.
SPAR, originating from a small group of grocers, has evolved into a global retail business offering four store formats to meet various shoppers’ needs.
Impact of the collaboration:
The partnership presents fresh opportunities for customers, partners, and Uzbekistan’s retail market. It will support local suppliers, as SPAR prioritizes them, fostering a community-oriented approach.
Korzinka will gain access to international expertise, advanced technologies, and industry knowledge, elevating Uzbekistan’s retail sector.
Expanding the network:
David Moore, Director of International Retail and Development at SPAR International, expressed excitement about welcoming Korzinka to the SPAR network.
The collaboration aims to benefit both companies and strengthen SPAR globally.
Zafar Khashimov, founder and chairman of Korzinka, highlighted the aim of upholding high international standards.
The partnership with SPAR, renowned for service and quality, will enhance their commitment to consumer convenience and value.”

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