SPAR Hungary invests about €2 million in new store in Szigetszentmiklós

August 30, 2022

SPAR Hungary has opened a new SPAR store in Szigetszentmiklós, a city close to Budapest. The store features a modern food-to-go area, energy-saving equipment, and self-service cash registers to speed up the payment process. The store offers employment to 21 new team members.


The layout of the new supermarket is spacious and modern. Innovative equipment has been installed, including cutting-edge refrigerators, fresh produce racks, bakery displays, cash desks, and self-service cash registers. The bakery’s modern dispensers are designed to be filled from the back, ensuring a clear and spectacular display of goods.

The extensive fresh food department and the fridges with convenience products are located in the entrance area. Other highlights include the SPAR to Go hot food range and the service counters.

The store also features sustainable technologies and equipment, including LED lighting and an eco-friendly, CO2-based cooling system. These sustainable technologies ensure reduced energy consumption and fit perfectly with SPAR Hungary’s sustainability philosophy.

More information on the company’s sustainability initiatives is available here.