SPAR Hungary expands its environmental programmes.

April 5, 2023

SPAR Hungary expands its environmental programmes

With the implementation of digital solutions to reduce paper usage, the reduction of plastic film in logistics, and the in-store collection of used cooking oil, SPAR Hungary is enhancing its sustainability efforts.
14 tonnes less paper is used by SPAR.
In order to cut down on the amount of paper-based administration needed to run its shops, SPAR Hungary has implemented digital solutions. Eliminating paper-based cleaning records and refrigeration control sheets results in one cost savings. 14 tonnes less paper will be used in 2023 as a result of these actions.

Digital delivery notes have recently taken the place of printed ones on SPAR Hungary’s online platform, further reducing the amount of paper used yearly by over 3 tonnes.

Reduces the use of plastic film: SPAR Hungary
SPAR Hungary will decrease the use of plastic film by over 59 tonnes annually by introducing reusable tarpaulins to cover shipments of goods from the warehouse to stores via roll cages. The tarpaulins are collected by the stores and delivered back to the warehouse for use in the subsequent transport. End of December 2022 saw the launch of these tarpaulins by the national body.

gathering used cooking grease
There are now 80 collection sites for used cooking oil across all SPAR locations in Hungary. This household oil and grease recycling programme was first introduced by the SPAR country group in 2021. The oil and fats are transported, heated, and sedimented by SPAR Hungary’s partner Biotrans Kft. before being converted into fuel at a biodiesel facility.

Customers can locate the closest SPAR shop with collection containers using interactive maps. The website for sustainability at SPAR Hungary has the most recent inventory of locations.

“For SPAR, environmental consciousness is a key tenet. According to Márk Maczelka, Head of Communications at SPAR Hungary, “we work to implement novel solutions in nearly all facets of our daily operations with this goal in mind.

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Regarding SPAR Hungary
Following ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG) buying the majority of General Kereskedelmi Rt, the first SPAR Supermarket debuted in Hungary in 1992. Since its founding, SPAR Hungary has taken a leading role in the growth of the nation’s shopping sector.

It has been effective to grant independent retailers licences to run the SPAR Brand in Hungary. While consumers appreciate the increased number of store locations, retailers gain access to SPAR Own Brand products and expertise. With almost 18,000 team members, SPAR Hungary ranks among the biggest workers in the nation. A total of 610 company-owned and independently operated shops make up the network of SPAR Hungary. The retailer’s web store is accessible in Budapest and more than 50 neighbouring cities.