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SPAR Gran Canaria’s Anfi Store Triples Sales Area, Becomes Island’s Largest Supermarket


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In a remarkable transformation, SPAR Gran Canarias has reopened its SPAR Supermarket in the Anfi del Mar Shopping Centre, establishing itself as one of the island’s largest and most dynamic supermarkets. This ambitious venture has seen the sales area expand from a modest 500m² to an impressive 1,500m², with a substantial investment of €3 million dedicated to this extensive renovation. This strategic move aligns perfectly with the organization’s commitment to elevating customer service by introducing an array of new services and sections.

Key Highlights

  • Sales area tripled from 500m² to 1,500m² with a €3 million investment.
  • The store now employs 67 team members, including 40 new hires.
  • Modern and open store design for an enhanced shopping experience.
  • Expanded product range, including a new ready meals section.
  • Gourmet sections featuring over 400 cheese varieties, a ‘Ham Corner,’ and extensive wine and beer cellars.
  • Unique live cocktail-tasting area for special events and promotions.

A Shopping Haven

The revitalized SPAR store is set to revolutionize the shopping landscape, offering employment opportunities to 67 team members, with 40 new recruits joining the workforce. The store’s modern and open design is centered around enhancing the overall shopping experience. Among its impressive features are spacious areas dedicated to fresh local produce, traditional sections housing an array of fruits and vegetables, a bakery, a butchery, and an enticing delicatessen department. The product range has been significantly extended, now including a convenient ready meals section for time-pressed shoppers. Furthermore, customers can relish the addition of a brand-new in-store cafeteria and various specialized gourmet sections.

Gourmet Galore

The SPAR store’s gourmet sections are nothing short of extraordinary, with the ‘Cheese Cellar’ stealing the spotlight. Here, over 400 cheese varieties from local, national, and international suppliers await discerning customers. Specialized signage makes it a breeze for shoppers to identify the cheese type—be it goat, sheep, cow, or mixed—and whether it is pasteurized or unpasteurized. Additionally, the store boasts a dedicated ‘Ham Corner,’ where aficionados can savor excellent sliced serrano ham.

Wine and Beer Extravaganza

Wine enthusiasts will be delighted by the extensive wine cellar that houses over 500 wines, with a particular emphasis on local wines from the area. For those looking to expand their wine horizons, tastings of 21 wine varieties and 2 types of champagne are readily available through modern glass dispensers in the gourmet corner. Beer lovers are not left behind either, as the SPAR store introduces a brand-new ‘Beer Cellar’ showcasing over 300 beer options thoughtfully categorized by their origin. As an added bonus, the store introduces a unique feature—a live cocktail-tasting area. This innovative space allows customers to sample drinks from various brands during special events and promotions, injecting a sense of novelty and engagement into the shopping experience.

This grand reopening of SPAR Gran Canarias’s Anfi store represents not only a significant expansion but also a reimagining of the shopping journey. With its broadened offerings, gourmet delights, and innovative tasting experiences, it promises to be a shopping haven for both locals and tourists alike.

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