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SPAR encourages healthy eating and active living 2023


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SPAR encourages healthy eating and active living.

Responsible retailing for SPAR means actively endorsing healthy lifestyles by promoting proper eating and encouraging physical activity. This is one of the fundamental pillars of the responsible retailing goal.

Several other SPAR programmes are currently under way in different parts of the world, and all of them emphasise healthy eating and living. On this, the World Health Day, we would like to draw attention to a few of the health promotion programmes that are being carried out by SPAR enterprises.

The ‘zucker-raus-initiative’ of SPAR Austria

SPAR Austria was a driving force behind the formation of a sugar reduction coalition that now counts more than 52 countries. This campaign, which was developed by SPAR Austria together with manufacturers of food and beverages, the Austrian Medical Council,

doctors, and medical groups, has brought attention to the growing amount of sugar that is being consumed by society ever since it was launched in April of 2019.

Over 2,500 metric tonnes of sugar has already been removed from the own-brand items sold by SPAR Austria.

The partners of the zucker-raus-initiative have the goal of disseminating specific information about the dangers and adverse effects on one’s health that might result from eating an excessive quantity of sugar in addition to lowering the amount of sugar that is included in food goods.

Sanolandia is the name of a healthy school campaign run by SPAR Gran Canaria.

SPAR Gran Canaria is aware that kid obesity is on the rise and has made the decision to become engaged in a project that will educate children about nutrition and implant in them the habits of leading a healthy lifestyle in order to combat this problem.

On the island of Gran Canaria, they started a programme called Sanolandia with the goal of reaching more than 10,000 pupils between the ages of 3 and 8 (together with their teachers and/or family members).

The project was established with the assistance of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Canary Islands and received funding from SPAR Gran Canaria, which is located in the Canary Islands.

The format was a unique musical event that lasted for forty-five minutes and encouraged healthy lifestyle practises in a way that was both pleasant and engaging.

The Better Choices campaign run by SPAR Ireland.

The new SPAR Better Choices advertising campaign for 2023 was introduced in February by SPAR Ireland. When it comes to purchasing food, the ‘Better Choices’ campaign hopes to persuade shoppers to select healthier options.

To determine who will be awarded the title of SPAR Better Choices Champion, two Olympic medalists compete against each other in a series of entertaining tasks.

This commercial includes an educational component, with text displayed on the screen to inform viewers of the nutritional values of the food the Olympians will be using in the competitions they are competing in.

When it comes to making smarter decisions when shopping at their local SPAR store, the consumer’s mind can be helped to feel more confident by the entertaining facts that are presented in the movies.

SPAR Italy encourages eating a healthy diet.
‘Le Buone Abitudini’ (Good Habits) is the name of a project that DESPAR Italia has been running since 2006.

This project is an educational programme that promotes healthy eating and lifestyles. In October 2022, a platform that was focused at addressing families with young children as well as elementary school pupils and their teachers was made available for free and was designed to be simple to navigate.

The programme makes use of the active learning methodology, which encourages children to put what they learn into practise through the completion of basic tasks and activities that they encounter in their daily lives.

Supporting athletics and physical activity
In addition to the emphasis placed on nutritious meals and the overall well-being of employees, SPAR acknowledges the value of physical activity.

As a consequence of this, our participation in various sporting initiatives is another essential component of our economic activity. The significance that SPAR places on promoting physical activity in local communities is shown in the partnerships that exist between SPAR retailers, local schools, and local sports clubs.

The aid provided by SPAR can take on a variety of forms, such as the donation of time and effort, participation in in-store fundraising initiatives, the loaning of sporting equipment, and monetary donations. In addition, SPAR has been the leading sponsor of European Athletics competitions continuously from the year 1996.

SPAR encourages

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