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SPAR Croatia Expands its Horizon: A New Supermarket Blossoms in Ozalj


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In a bid to bring convenience and quality closer to the residents of Ozalj, Central Croatia, SPAR Croatia has unveiled its latest jewel – a brand-new supermarket in this charming town. This strategic move is set to transform the shopping experience for the locals, offering a diverse array of food and non-food products, all under one roof.

A Local Oasis for Food Enthusiasts

Fresh Meat, Fish, and Culinary Delights

One of the standout features of this new SPAR Supermarket is its exquisite butchery section, where discerning customers can savor the delights of high-quality, fresh meat and meat products. And if seafood is your passion, there’s more good news – a dedicated fish market boasts an impressive selection of both sea and freshwater catches, along with delectable shellfish. But the gastronomic journey doesn’t stop there; for those seeking convenience, the store tantalizes taste buds with a daily spread of freshly prepared lunch and dinner options.

Cultivating Local Talent

A Haven for Local Producers

SPAR Croatia is not just about business; it’s about community. The Ozalj SPAR Supermarket proudly showcases 12 distinct local wines and three varieties of premium vinegar. But it doesn’t stop at liquids; remarkable products like pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin flour, and kernels from the family farm of Tomislav Kovač grace the shelves. The carnivores among us can relish in cured meats from the esteemed supplier, Milivoj Medven. Additionally, the store stocks local treasures such as hazelnut spread and cheeses, including those from Koren Zdravlja, a local producer who has been part of SPAR Croatia’s ‘Start it up, Croatia!’ initiative, aimed at empowering local entrepreneurs and securing long-term supplier contracts with the retailer.

Shopping Reimagined

Speed and Simplicity

To make the shopping experience smoother than ever, the new SPAR Supermarket introduces four self-service cash registers. No more waiting in long lines – customers can zip through checkout with ease. And for those arriving by car, rejoice! The supermarket offers free parking with a generous 75 spaces, including dedicated spots for families and shoppers with disabilities.

The Grand Unveiling

A Celebration of Community

The grand opening of this remarkable establishment was graced by the presence of local government dignitaries, alongside the esteemed CEO of SPAR Croatia, Helmut Fenzl, and key members of the SPAR Croatia Executive team. But the celebration went beyond the confinements of the store. SPAR Croatia’s commitment to community support shone brightly as they donated a generous sum of €2,600 to the voluntary fire brigade in Ozalj. This gesture underscores SPAR’s unwavering dedication to the communities it serves.

In conclusion, the emergence of this SPAR Supermarket in Ozalj marks a significant step towards enhancing the lives of the local residents. Beyond mere commerce, it symbolizes a bond between a retailer and its community, promising a brighter, more accessible future for all.

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