SPAR China partner expands multi-format store portfolio in Shandong and Beijing

August 18, 2022

SPAR China partner Jiajiayue, headquartered in Shandong province, in July opened a 1,500m2 store in Jinan’s Rongce Centre and a 2,000m2 supermarket in Beijing.

SPAR Panjiayuan Supermarket in Beijing

SPAR Panjiayuan Supermarket in Beijing is located on Chaoyang District’s Huawei Road, on the second floor of a shopping plaza. Since SPAR Panjiayuan Supermarket is on the route of several bus lines, public transportation to the store is highly convenient.

SPAR Jiajiayue is an expert in fresh, sourcing fresh produce and seafood from multiple regions. Instore, the company offers a wealth of fresh and prepared options that cater to local preferences and tastes. There is also an onsite chef’s preparation area, which includes a hot food area, where solutions for all three daily meals are provided.

SPAR Rongce Centre Boutique Supermarket in Jinan

The new store in Jinan’s Rongce Centre features a sales area of 1,500m2. Located adjacent to Jinan West Railway Station, the premium SPAR Supermarket draws many tourists and office residents.

With an assortment of convenience products, fresh produce, snacks, and alcoholic beverages, this store helps SPAR meet the needs of visitors and the local community. The SPAR Supermarket also offers delicious cooked foods such as barbecued and stir-fried products, as well as pastries and steamed buns, satisfying shoppers’ preferences for nutritious and convenient breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

The comfortable instore dining area allows shoppers to sit and enjoy their instore purchases.

Source: SPAR China