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SPAR Austria is actively backing initiatives to promote healthy eating.


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SPAR Austria is actively backing initiatives to promote healthy eating.

SPAR Austria recognizes the crucial role of nutritional education for children and has been a steadfast supporter of SIPCAN’s (Special Institute for Preventive Cardiology and Nutrition) nutritional science program for youngsters for over a decade. A significant milestone was achieved this school year as the 100,000th child successfully completed the program.

In recent years, this educational initiative has engaged more than 1,500 teachers across nearly 4,500 classes throughout Austria.

Markus Kaser, a board member at SPAR Austria, emphasized the importance of SIPCAN’s nutritional program: “SIPCAN’s nutritional program is an excellent way to impart knowledge about conscious eating to children in an enjoyable manner. It helps them comprehend the impact of food and enables them to savor delicious treats without excessive sugar. It’s essential for children to rediscover their natural taste and the genuine pleasure of food.”

A recent study by WHO/Europe revealed that approximately 240,000 children and adolescents in Austria are grappling with overweight or obesity. This is often attributed to oversized portions, high-calorie and sugary foods, and a lack of physical activity. Preventing these issues from childhood is of paramount importance, especially as nutritional education in Austrian schools has been dwindling.

Initiatives like the one undertaken in Austrian schools have become even more critical. This program imparts fundamental knowledge about food, micronutrients, and a healthy diet, using the children’s own snacks as a basis. Parents are also actively involved in the program, aiding their children in applying what they’ve learned. The program culminates in both theoretical and practical assessments.

According to Univ.-Prof. Prim. Dir. Dr. Friedrich Hoppichler, Chairman of SIPCAN and Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Director at a Salzburg hospital, the program has shown its effectiveness. He explained, “An intervention study we conducted, published in the renowned journal ‘European Journal of Public Health’ in 2021, clearly demonstrates the positive effects. Children who completed the program not only have better nutritional knowledge but also reduced their sugar consumption by 10%.”

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