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SPAR and INTERSPAR in Hungary Win Prestigious Awards

In Hungary, the SPAR and INTERSPAR brands received outstanding recognition, winning the prestigious Superbrands Award and being named “Healthcare Retailer of the Year” and Gabriella Heiszler, President and CEO of SPAR Hungary, was honored with the Community Award prestigious Journal Foreign Company Manager of the Year Awards Gala.

SPAR Hungary has won the Superbrands Award sixteen times, and INTERSPAR has been awarded for the ninth time. The awards were presented by a jury of esteemed professionals, recognizing the brands commercial success, unique branding and dedicated branding efforts Established in 1995 by the Brand Council , an independent British group, and the International Superbrands program has been active in Hungary for two decades . This award is nominated according to rigorous professional criteria, and winners are chosen by a 40-member expert panel of independent experts.

In addition to the Superbrands Award, SPAR Hungary was also named “Healthcare Retailer of the Year” for the second consecutive time. The recognition was presented at the Just Clear Fitness-Lifestyle Award Fitness, Wellness and Health Gala. As consumer preferences are increasingly changing towards new products, such as lactose-free and gluten-free products, SPAR Hungary has actively expanded its product range to include health-conscious, gluten-free, lactose-free, organic, And products especially others to meet these growing demands.

Gabriella Heiszler, President and Managing Director of SPAR Hungary was honored with a Community Award at the Budapest Business Journal Best Foreign Company Manager of the Year Award Ceremony. The award is presented by the board of the economics journal to leaders who have demonstrated exemplary efforts in the areas of diversity, inclusion, equal opportunity or sustainability. In addition to this honor, Gabriela Heszler is also listed as one of the most influential Hungarian women in Forbes magazine, ranking sixth in the

This accolade reflects SPAR Hungary’s commitment to excellence in areas ranging from maintaining high brand standards to expanding health-related product offerings to promoting diversity and sustainability encouraged within the company. The Health Care Retailer of the Year Title highlights SPAR’s commitment to adapting to consumer health concerns and expanding its product range to meet these needs.

Community Award recipient Gabriela Heiszler further demonstrates the company’s leadership in promoting socially responsible business practices. Her inclusion in Forbes magazine’s list of the most influential women is a testament to her influence in the Hungarian business world. Under his leadership, SPAR Hungary focuses not only on business development but also on a working environment that reflects value, inclusion and equal opportunities This strategic approach ensures that SPAR remains at the forefront in the Hungarian retail sector, in market performance and sector-wide social responsibility

SPAR Hungary’s achievements in these areas reflect the company’s approach, which blends brand success with innovation and a strong commitment to community and social values ​​These awards and recognitions are proof of it shows the hard work and dedication of the entire SPAR Hungarian team, under the visionary leadership of Gabriella Heiszler. As the company continues to grow and evolve, it remains focused on meeting the evolving needs of its customers while maintaining the highest standards of business and social responsibility.
Source: SPAR Hungary

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