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Six new “Together with Morrisons” shops will be opened by a joint venture between Morrisons and Jempson’s.


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Six new “Together with Morrisons” shops will be opened by a joint venture between Morrisons and Jempson’s.

Morrisons will open six new stores under its “Together with Morrisons” name in collaboration with independent retailer Jempsons.

Later this Spring, the first 35,000 square foot shop will open in Peasmarsh, East Sussex, and five more will soon follow.

The “Together with Morrisons” proposal is aimed at independent shop owners who run bigger stores and have established local brands. In May 2022, the first “Together with Morrisons” store debuted in Upton, Cotswolds, in collaboration with Warner’s.

The “Together with Morrisons” fascia partners are committed to promoting local food and using their connections to regional vendors to procure it directly. Through a combination of its own brand range and branded products, Morrisons then allows the retailer to provide a wider choice of products to their customers.

Due to the strength of the Morrisons brand and retailer-focused benefits like no delivery fees or charges, more independent retailers are establishing “Morrisons Daily” stores in addition to the “Together with Morrisons” model.

“The ‘Together with Morrisons’ proposition is designed for independent store owners with established local brands and larger stores,” said Paul Dobson, Sales Director – Franchise & Wholesale Supply at Morrisons. Since Jempson’s possesses each of these attributes, we are thrilled to be opening six locations with them in cooperation. Customers will be able to choose from a variety of Morrisons own brand goods, branded favorites, and locally sourced produce at the new stores.

Stephen Jempson, MD of Jempson’s, said: “I’m excited to be partnering with Morrisons and launching the first of six ‘Together with Morrisons’ stores in Peasmarsh later this year. The new location will allow Jempson’s to maintain its support for regional food producers and artisan suppliers while also giving our customers access to a broader variety of goods that are more in line with the larger supermarkets that we run.

I would like to officially express our gratitude to everyone at Nisa for their assistance and support throughout our time working together.

Contact convenience@morrisonsplc.co.uk if you are an independent merchant interested in learning more about Morrisons Wholesale or becoming a franchisee.



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