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27 million Britons use secret Santa to make hidden savings for the holidays.


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27 million Britons use Secret Santa to make hidden savings for the holidays.

According to Nectar research, nearly half (48%) of Brits are looking for less expensive gifts to give loved ones this holiday season.
Brits’ favorite secret Santa gifts have been revealed, with a bottle of alcohol, holiday chocolates, and a scented candle topping the list for 2 in 5 people, or more than 27 million**, even though 3 in 5 still want to spoil friends and family. Secret Santa is being used by Brits to cut costs this Christmas while still spoiling their loved ones, despite the strain of rising living expenses.

60% of people want to treat loved ones, but 38% worry they can’t afford it, according to new Nectar research. As a result, almost half (48%) are looking for alternatives that are more affordable.

The gift-giving game has gained popularity in recent years, particularly among workplace colleagues and friendship groups. However, this year, 38% of people, or more than 7 million families, are giving gifts to one another in this manner.

According to the study, consumers believe that £13 is the perfect amount to spend on a secret Santa gift. Given that the typical Nectar user has points equivalent to £20 saved up, it’s not surprising that many are using their points to stretch their budgets this year.

It turns out that not everyone is a fan of Secret Santa, despite the cost savings. 1 in 3 people only enjoy receiving gifts from people they like, and 1 in 4 people prefer receiving gifts to giving them.

A child tops the list of the easiest people to buy gifts for, while a coworker you don’t see very often ranks as the most challenging.

the easiest to buy for

The hardest people to buy for include: the boss, the CEO, the mother, the friend you know the least, the child, the colleague you hardly ever speak to, the partner, and the best friend outside of work. 5. In-law
The fear of giving a poor gift, even to the right person, is strong; 35% of respondents claim that the difficulty in finding a suitable gift makes them completely uninterested in participating in secret Santa.

But this year, it’s back on the agenda as families, workplaces, and friendship groups prepare for the less expensive option. The top secret Santa gifts, according to the study, are a bottle of alcohol and chocolate.

best-kept secrets for Santa
1. An alcohol bottle
2. Seasonal candies
3. A fragrant candle
4. A book
5. A selection of cookies
Millions of savvy shoppers have used their Nectar points at Christmas in the past. In fact, nearly £50 million worth of points were redeemed in December of last year alone, which is equal to 2.5 million turkeys, 82 million KG of roast potatoes, and 253 million mince pies.

The 1 trillionth point was issued by Nectar this month, which means that over £5 billion worth of points have been given to Nectar users over the past 20 years. That amounts to £250 million in points annually, on average. Customers had the choice of using these to purchase food, saving them for a treat, or exchanging them for rewards from Nectar’s partners, who number in the thousands. Additionally, the recently introduced My Nectar Prices has made sure that customers receive fantastic value from tailored offers all year long.

“Despite the difficulties this year, our customers are telling us it’s still really important to them to make Christmas as special as they can, and our research shows that secret Santa is a great way to still be able to treat loved ones,” said Alex Naisby, Director of Loyalty and CRM at Nectar. Redeeming those Nectar points is a great way to make holiday celebrations last just a little bit longer because we know that customers typically have about £20 worth of Nectar points left to spend at this time of year. We hope that customers can use our top tips to make their Christmas shopping a little bit easier this year, whether it be for secret Santa gifts or stocking up on essentials for Christmas dinner.

The cost is reasonable
Price is a hot topic this holiday season, and with so many people experiencing financial hardship, it’s crucial to set a reasonable upper limit on gifts that won’t discourage recipients from participating. According to Nectar’s research, the ideal Secret Santa price limit is £13, so try to stay within that range. The pressure is reduced by a low price cap, and there are still lots of gifting options that are affordable.

Use up your existing points.
At this time of year, the typical Nectar user has over £20 in unused points, which is the ideal amount to use as cash to purchase a secret Santa gift!

Choosing what to purchase
It can be difficult to decide what to get a loved one because you want to get it just right. Make a wish list for everyone to create a less awkward Christmas gift exchange.

Alternatively, according to research, you can’t go wrong with a holiday candle, a great book, or something tasty if you’re really stumped as to what to get them.

We appear to be a nation of hurried Christmas shoppers! In fact, the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of December each year see a spike in the number of customers redeeming their points at Nectar. While this might seem stressful, the more Nectar points you’ll have saved up to use toward a gift, the longer you wait.

Suggestions for Secret Santa gifts

1-1000 Nectar Points, up to £5 in value

Sainsbury’s 75-cl Taste the Difference Celebration Ale with Soft Amaretti Tin, $3.50
Taste the Difference 200g Sainsbury’s cookies inspired by cinnamon rolls, with 1001–2 000 Nectar Points (worth up to £10).

Nutcracker Truffle Tin, 148g, by Sainsbury
Taste the Difference with Sainsbury’s Spiced Ginger Biscuit Irish Cream Liqueur, 70 cl.
500g of Sainsbury’s Winter Toffee Shortbread can earn you 2001–3000 Nectar Points, which are worth up to £15.

Experience the Difference liqueur Winter Bramble Gin 70 cl
Candle with Christmas Spices from Sainsbury’s
Taste the Difference Sainsbury’s Prosecco Rosé with Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffles Gift Set 75cl 3001-4000 Nectar Points, up to £20 worth of value

Taste the difference with Sainsbury’s Highland Malt Scotch Whisky. Candle, 70cl, Habitat Classic Cassis & Cedar
Non-vintage Sainsbury’s Demi-sec Champagne 75cl
With their Super Secret Santa campaign, Sainsbury’s and Nectar are giving customers the chance to donate money and Nectar points to fight food insecurity. Both in-person and online donations are accepted, and Sainsbury’s will match each one up to a total of £1.5 million.

Secret savings: 27 million Brits turn to secret Santa to save money this Christmas

Between November 25 and November 28, OnePoll conducted research on behalf of Nectar. 2,000 adults in the UK were surveyed.
The typical unpaid balance among Nectar members who have had a card for more than a year is £20.52.
(67,508,936) **39.71% of UK residents ***37.78% of UK families (19.3 million)





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