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German National Team Uses SAP Technology at the European Championship

Setting the Vision for European Success: SAP Technology and Strategy

The German national team used SAP technology at the European Championship! As with the upcoming European Championships, the 24 nationwide European soccer teams are groomed with rigorous schooling and a careful schedule by nationwide German professionals known for their tactical cleverness in the 19th century, who set an example by incorporating the best generation under his leadership. Led with the help of Benjamin Gluck, their coaching team uses SAP Sports One, a modern sports management solution, to take advantage of the competitive side

Changing football with SAP Sports One

“SAP Sports One enables us to better share strategic insights and key facts about our next battles with our athletes. And with the help of the tablet software, we are also able to provide them with modern updates in the changing room before the start or at half time,” says Benjamin Gluck, A-Crew, Germany’s support train nationwide

SAP Sports One is changing how German teams dress for their jerseys. The suite provides a comprehensive platform for record storage, study, and presentation. This approach of pushing the record allows coaches and players to come up with different strategies and understand the true weaknesses of the battling side. Through videos and graphics, SAP Sports One makes it easy to get a strong impression and ensures players are well-prepared for every game.

A comprehensive analysis of competitors

An important part of Germany’s preparations is to analyze the opponents’ tactics and identities. The team uses SAP Sports One to break down images from the game and highlight important moments. Included in this analysis is the study of opponents’ schemes, playing strategies, and individual player characteristics. By doing so, the team can anticipate opponents’ strategies and develop effective countermeasures.

Additionally, SAP Sports One helps prepare for specific game situations, such as penalty kicks. The SAP Penalty Insights feature enables footballers to study the behavior of potential penalty takers, including their shot preferences and tendencies under pressure

Similarly, penalty-takers can analyze the tactics of opposing goalkeepers, gaining insights that can make a difference in high-stakes moments.

Interacting with third-party data

The German Football Association (Deutscher Fußball-Bund, or DFB) uses a mixture of data generated in SAP Sports One and third-party insights This integration ensures a holistic view of the game, with analysis including ideas. The SAP solution acts as a hub, connecting all data for comprehensive analysis and easy communication between trainers and researchers.

Easy integration with SAP Team One

To keep players constantly aware and engaged, the German team uses SAP Team One, a messaging application that provides real-time communication between players, coaches and researchers (see video). Players receive up-to-the-minute updates on their smartphones, ensuring they are always up to date with the latest tactics.

Empowering players with data-based insights

Implementing SAP Sports One goes beyond just providing data; It allows players to understand strategies and use them effectively. Offering detailed insights into opponents’ tactics and individual performances, the technology provides a deeper understanding of the game. This knowledge enables players to make informed decisions on the field, increasing their flexibility and responsiveness to dynamic competitive situations.

As the European Championships approach, Germany’s innovative use of SAP Sports One is an example of how technology can transform sports fashion. Combining data analytics, visualization tools and real-time communication, the German team sets a new standard for systems management in football This technology stream, together with their combined tactical expertise, sets them apart as major contenders in the competition. The seamless blend of traditional training and modern technology could be the key to success on the European stage.


What is SAP Sports One?

SAP Sports One is a sports management solution that provides tools for collecting, analyzing and presenting data, helping teams optimize operations and plans

How does SAP Sports One help with game preparation?

SAP Sports One assists in tournament preparation by providing video analysis, tactical mapping and detailed opponent insights, enabling teams to plan more effectively

What is SAP Penalty Awareness?

SAP Penalty Insights is a feature in SAP Sports One that helps goalkeepers and referees analyze opponents’ actions and tactics, enhancing their preparation for various penalty situations.

How does the German team use SAP One Group?

SAP Team One is a messaging application used by the German team to provide match-preparation content, such as opponent analysis and tactical videos, to keep players informed and engaged

Why is data integration important for the German team?

Data integration allows German teams to integrate insights from different sources, provide a holistic view of the game and improve their strategic planning

How does technology affect the performance of the German team?

Technology, through tools such as SAP Sports One, enables the German team to access advanced insights and real-time updates, enabling informed decision-making and rapid adjustment during matches


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