Samsung Continues to Develop Bixby, Adding a New Language and Laying the Groundwork for Future Development

November 22, 2022

Samsung Continues to Develop Bixby, Adding a New Language and Laying the Groundwork for Future Development

Latin American Spanish understanding and response from Samsung’s AI voice assistant will enable people around the world utilise their devices more effectively.

Latin American Spanish is now a language choice for Bixby, Samsung Electronics’ voice assistant using artificial intelligence (AI). Since Brazilian Portuguese was the only Latin American language that Bixby previously supported, users of Samsung Galaxy devices who speak Latin American Spanish now have the option to communicate with their devices in their own tongue.

Samsung Electronics executive vice president and head of the artificial intelligence team at the mobile eXperience business Young Jip Kim said, “We committed to continuing to improve this intelligent platform with new technologies and key partners that enable more experiences when we launched Bixby nearly five years ago. In addition to the more than 200 million1 users of Bixby across almost 400 million2 devices worldwide, we are happy to deliver Bixby to the millions of speakers of Latin American Spanish.

Now Available in Latin American Spanish: Bixby’s Benefits

Like a real-life personal assistant, Bixby is a strong, knowledgeable voice assistant that aids Samsung Galaxy customers in navigating their devices and planning their lives. It can make it easier to open apps and settings, recall assignments and appointments, and generally make daily tasks easier. Even better, Bixby can interact with people by taking calls, sending messages, and more.

Regardless matter how they are phrased, directives must be understood and responded to in order to demonstrate intelligence. Users of Bixby in South and Latin America formerly had to use European Spanish. They will be able to communicate with their device more naturally by using regional dialects, accents, and nuances thanks to the new support for Spanish from Latin America.

Samsung Continues to Develop Bixby, Adding a New Language and Laying the Groundwork for Future Development


More Samsung Galaxy customers can now rely on Bixby’s intelligence and convenience thanks to Latin American Spanish support, especially in the United States, the second-largest Spanish-speaking nation and the region with the most Bixby users.

What Happens to Bixby Next?
In the last few years, Bixby has experienced tremendous growth, with registered users more than doubling and expected to reach 200 million by 2022.


Samsung provided an overview of other recent innovations, including new Smart Home capabilities, during the recent Samsung Developer Conference 2022 in San Francisco. Bixby’s voice control and seamless device integration will be crucial in controlling and keeping an eye on

Following a software update, Latin American Spanish for Bixby is now accessible for a few Samsung Galaxy models, including the Galaxy S22, S21, Galaxy Z Flip4, and Galaxy Z Fold4. Support for more gadgets will start to appear soon, starting with the Galaxy S20 and Z Flip3 in December, with further expansion scheduled for the beginning of 2023.