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Samsung brings sustainable and connected design to Milan Design Week 2023 with The Bespoke Life.


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 Samsung presents a value-centric design for Bespoke appliances through collaborations with prominent lifestyle designers.


Samsung Electronics launched its “Bespoke Home, Bespoke Life” exhibition for Milan Design Week’s Fuorisalone 2023, showcasing its sustainable, connected, and lifestyle-centric design philosophy.

From April 18 to 23, guests are welcome to stop by Samsung’s booth to learn more about how the company’s newest Bespoke home appliances support customers’ values while also enhancing their individual lifestyles.


The focus of this year’s booth, which also features a number of fresh and intriguing design collaborations, is Samsung’s efforts to promote sustainability. Seungji Mun, known for his eco-friendly, minimalist designs, and Hosuk Jang,

known for his space and interior design work, have created dynamic exhibits for the booth that show how Samsung improves sustainability throughout the entire product lifecycle and enhances consumers’ lifestyles through hyperconnectivity.

A recent, limited-edition Bespoke panel collaboration with the Milan-based design company TOILETPAPER is also featured in the exhibition.


Ik Soo Choi, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing Team of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics, described the Bespoke Life as the

“next evolution of the Bespoke vision” that extends seamless personalization throughout the entire home.

Living the Bespoke Life enables you to create a house that not only satisfies your particular requirements but also your values, enabling you to lead a more individualised, socially engaged, and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Visitors may clearly see Samsung’s vision for a sustainable future that progressively integrates sustainability into daily living across the full “Bespoke Home, Bespoke Life” experience.


The first installation, “We Breathe,” by Seungji Mun, integrates appliances like the Bespoke AITM Washer and Dryer and Bespoke BMF1 Refrigerator into a setting made primarily of repurposed materials like fishing nets and discarded plastic 2.

To highlight the energy-saving capabilities of SmartThings, the exhibit depicts the appliances as “sleeping” while consuming less electricity.


Samsung’s initiatives to support sustainability throughout the whole product lifetime are highlighted in the “Everyday Sustainability” exhibit. Samsung continues to advance eco-conscious efforts throughout every aspect of its operations, from manufacture and distribution to usage and disposal.

This entails minimising resource consumption and carbon emissions3 during the product’s lifecycle, creating eco-friendly packaging for distribution, implementing smart energy-saving technologies during use, and making it simpler for customers to recycle their products.


A Connected Lifestyle for a Better, Smarter Way of Life

Samsung’s booth is not only emphasising developments that satisfy consumers’ needs for greater sustainability,

but it is also highlighting SmartThings’ capacity to revolutionise how users interact with their appliances by fostering seamless experiences and bringing peace to their interconnected world.


The “Connected Experience” exhibit showcases the kinds of streamlined and understandable interactions made possible by fusing the automation of SmartThings with the hyperconnectivity of Bespoke products.

The hands-on display illustrates how Samsung’s upgraded SmartThings services, which include Cooking, Clothing Care, Energy, Air Care, Pet Care, and Home Care, streamline customers’ routines by making mundane chores more convenient.


In particular, it describes how SmartThings’ energy-saving features assist customers in controlling their energy use, lowering their carbon footprint, and lowering their energy costs.

For courses running in AI Energy Mode with EcobubbleTM, this includes offering up to 15% additional savings for compatible refrigerators, up to 20% for compatible air conditioners, and up to 70% for compatible washers.4


To go even farther, SmartThings Energy controls the energy usage and production for an entire home, realising the true potential of a “Net Zero Home.”

In order to do this, Samsung is extending its collaborations with European energy firms including “SMA Solar Technology” and “Passiv UK.”



Experience the Highest Level of Personalization with Custom Design





The partnerships that Samsung displayed at Fuorisalone 2023 push the limits of custom design. These collaborations and design improvements reinforce Samsung’s dedication to providing customers with the highest level of personalisation.


The striking display “Framed” by Hosuk Jang deftly combines the design philosophy of a European social club with that of Bespoke by inserting art frames onto Bespoke refrigerator panels.

The end result is a display that invites viewers to picture how they might express their uniqueness and customise their environment with Bespoke goods.


The “Bespoke Gallery” at the booth offers guests the opportunity to customise their refrigerator using MyBespoke5 and features refrigerator panels created in association with the design studio and magazine brand TOILETPAPER.

The four distinct designs on the limited-edition panels are “Dessert Lady,” “Lipsticks,” “Magic Mirror,” and “Roses with Eyes.”


At Art Point Superstudio Più, which is situated at Via Tortona 27 in Milan 20144, Samsung has a booth. You can learn more about the exhibition by visiting the Fuorisalone 2023 website.

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a single bottom-mount freezer

In 2022, Samsung goods used about 41,000 tonnes of recycled plastic.
3 As of 2021, Samsung’s carbon-reduction initiatives had reduced carbon emissions by 6.41 million tonnes.

4 based on tests conducted inside. Depending on the user’s real environment and usage habits, the results may differ.

5 Customers can use MyBespoke, a customisation service, to use their favourite images, original designs, or artwork to build a unique fridge to match their style.



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