Rivalry for greater sustainability

February 15, 2023

Rivalry for greater sustainability


EDEKA Südwest has set itself the goal of not only continuously making its own business more sustainable, but also of giving customers and workers options for more sustainable action. This goal ranges from the expansion of various reusable solutions to the promotion of bicycle use. Among other things, there was a staff competition last year. EDEKA Südwest board member Caroline Wilkens gave the five winners their rewards, which included a brand-new e-bike.


All employees were given a bag at the beginning of the job that contained a water bottle, a cooling towel for jogging, reusable shopping bags for buying more sustainably produced food, and a wealth of information on living a more mindful lifestyle. After that, it was time to take part and earn points. These were one of the rewards for participating in the cent donation drive, among other things. Every month, employees donate the cents that follow the decimal point on their pay stubs and contribute to about 20 charity causes annually. Participation in the company’s charity run or the “Cycle to work” initiative also earned points. EDEKA Südwest has been allowing staff members to participate in corporate volunteering during business hours for a number of years. That was included in the contest.


E-bike travels from Herrenberg to Pia Abel


The major prize, an e-bike, was won by Pia Abel from the training and further education department. Additionally, the appropriate helmet and lock were provided by Offenburg bike expert Evers. She was followed in positions two through five by Katharina Böttger (training and further education), Björn Jonas (IT), Eliane Elbl (sales), and Harald Joost (goods receipt fresh service).