Rise in the price of mango compensates for the fall in its volume

July 21, 2022

Rise in the price of mango compensates for the fall in its volume

In the first semester, mango shipments fell 3% in volume, although they managed to grow 2% in value.

After the first six months of the year, Peruvian mango exports have increased in value, but not in volume. Shipments of this product were registered for 238,578 tons, equivalent to US$ 344 million. Compared to the same period in 2021, remittances decreased 3% in volume, but increased 1% in value. This meant an increase in the average price at which this fruit was quoted for the international market, reaching US$ 1.44 per kilogram. The main destinations were the United States, with a 31% share; the Netherlands, with 25%; and South Korea, with 8%.

Despite the decrease in shipments to the United States, it once again positioned itself as the main buyer of this fruit. Peru exported 74,880 tons for US$108 million, this was 9% less in volume and 2% less in value compared to the first half of last year. With this, the average price was US$ 1.44, 7% more than in 2021. Among the main Peruvian exporters to this country, Virú SA stood out, with a 9.4% share, and Gandules Inc. SAC, with 9%.

With respect to the Dutch, they came to acquire 78,368 tons for US$ 87 million. Shipments to this country decreased 4% in volume and 7% in value compared to 2021. In addition, the price fell by 4%, settling at US$ 1.11 per kilogram. The main Peruvian exporters were Camposol SA, with a 9.1% share, and Dominus SAC, with 8.7%.

Finishing the Top was South Korea, which, unlike the other countries, had a greater reception of the Peruvian mango for this period. Exports of this fruit totaled 9,523 tons for US$26 million: an increase of 19% in volume and 23% in value compared to the first half of 2021. The fruit was quoted at US$2.78 per kilogram, 3% more than the last year. And as for the main exporting companies, Del Ande Alimentos SAC stood out, with a 12% share, and Sobifruits SAC, with 10%.