Relationship between HealthyLife and SuperPharmacy is expanded to offer customers a full line of health and wellness products.

December 16, 2022

Relationship between HealthyLife and SuperPharmacy is expanded to offer customers a full line of health and wellness products.

HealthyLife, the health and wellness subsidiary of Woolworths Group that is independently operated, will extend its relationship with SuperPharmacy. This will give customers easier access to scheduled and non-scheduled health products as well as complementary health programmes.

As a result of this partnership, HealthyLife will be able to acquire important technological and warehouse assets. In exchange, HealthyLife will provide e-commerce, related technological services, branding, platform, and warehouse wholesale services to SuperPharmacy under the banner name ‘HealthyLife Pharmacy.’

Since 2021, Woolworths Group’s Everyday Rewards programme has counted SuperPharmacy as a partner. Additionally, since August 2022, the website has counted SuperPharmacy as a third-party merchant.

Since the year 2000, the staff at SuperPharmacy has been meeting the wellness requirements of Australians by supplying them with prescription and over-the-counter medications. In their current locations in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia, the six physical SuperPharmacy pharmacies will continue to be owned and operated independently, but they will do so under the banner of HealthyLife Pharmacy.

HealthyLife will become a destination for all of your health and wellness needs as a result of the rebranding of SuperPharmacy stores to HealthyLife Pharmacy and the increased presence of the rebranded HealthyLife Pharmacy on HealthyLife will provide the following services and more as a result of these changes:

A comprehensive selection of pharmaceuticals and prescription medications, all of which are dispensed through eScript under the direction of pharmacist Warren Turner of HealthyLife Pharmacy.

Access to health advice from reputable medical professionals, as well as a wide variety of telehealth consultations and complementary health programme options.

Access to a comprehensive selection of beauty, health, and wellness products for the home

Ananth Sarathy, Managing Director of HealthyLife, stated that “Since the launch of HealthyLife a year ago, our goal has been to help Australians live healthier lives by providing trusted health advice and a curated range of health and wellness products.” HealthyLife was established with the intention of assisting Australians in leading healthier lives.

“As a result of the pandemic, an increasing number of customers are looking to the digital environment to fulfil their health requirements. The existing health and wellness business that HealthyLife operates is enhanced by the addition of SuperPharmacy. Customers will be able to access their health needs in a time-efficient manner both online via the HealthyLife platform and in-store at a HealthyLife Pharmacy as a result of the arrangements that have been made with SuperPharmacy.

The proprietor of SuperPharmacy, Warren Turner, stated that “this is a natural step for both SuperPharmacy and HealthyLife.” It will provide greater access and the delivery of care as required by our customers seeking to obtain their health and wellness needs online. This will allow for greater convenience for our customers.

“At HealthyLife Pharmacy, we will continue to offer a comprehensive selection of pharmaceutical and prescription medicines, and we will also be expanding our holistic health programmes and support services.”

The completion of the transaction is contingent upon the fulfilment of the standard closing conditions.

Relationship between HealthyLife and SuperPharmacy is expanded to offer customers a full line of health and wellness products.

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