RBA Platinum Status for Socially Responsible Manufacturing Awarded to Epson Factory

February 6, 2023

PT. Indonesia Epson Industry, a printer factory of the global technology company Epson, has once again achieved platinum status in the Validated Assessment Program (VAP) of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) for reaching industry-leading levels of corporate social responsibility. This achievement was given in recognition of PT. Indonesia Epson Industry’s commitment to improving its environmental and social performance.

The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) is the world’s largest industry coalition dedicated to the promotion of corporate social responsibility in global supply chains. It is also dedicated to the protection of the rights of workers and the improvement of the well-being of communities all over the world. The coalition honours manufacturing facilities and sites all over the world that adhere to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility in their production processes. These facilities and sites place an emphasis on equitable working conditions, respect for human rights, and environmental responsibility.

Indonesia Epson, which as of April 2022 had employed more over 13,000 people, was recognised for the first time in the RBA VAP in the year 2020 and has once again been awarded Platinum Status. The factory produces a variety of business and consumer inkjet printers, including its own brand of large-capacity ink tank inkjet printers. These printers offer great environmental performance and are marketed as EcoTank printers in a number of different markets.

This acknowledgement serves as proof that Indonesia is a Epson and its suppliers maintain the highest possible levels of corporate social responsibility and have a strong commitment to the health and safety of their workforce. The fact that compliance with labour and social standards in public ICT procurement is an important part of all tender specifications is a significant milestone for Epson. Additionally, Epson’s business customers are increasingly demanding strong independent evidence of socially responsible manufacturing.

Epson’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Tatsuaki Seki, expressed their happiness and pride at regaining their platinum certification for their facility in Indonesia. “We are thrilled and humbled to receive this platinum grade again,” he stated. “We recently defined our company’s purpose, and as part of that, we committed ourselves to improving people’s lives and making the world a better place. This necessitates conducting business in a manner that is both environmentally and socially responsible at all of our locations throughout the world and in every aspect of our operations. We are resolute in our commitment to continue upholding and improving upon the high standards shown in this rating.”

The Executive Officer and President of Epson Europe, Yoshiro Nagafusa, made the following statement: “Not only is this recognition important for Epson, but it is also important for our customers, who, quite rightly, insist that our products are manufactured according to the highest standards of socially responsible manufacturing. The platinum standard is the very highest level that we are able to achieve, and it conveys to the market that an Epson product has been manufactured to meticulous standards, from the use of resources and the wellbeing of our people to the distribution of the product and the manufacturing process itself. Despite the fact that we are pleased with this accomplishment, we want to reassure everyone that we will keep working hard to make improvements in each and every one of the things that we do.”

About Epson
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