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Pyure: The Future of Food and Beverage Protection


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Pyure: The Future of Food and Beverage Protection


Pyure Dynamic Protection®, a leading provider of dynamic air and surface purification solutions, is introducing a range of industry-specific offerings to effectively tackle major challenges faced by various industries. Their focus is on delivering significant returns on investment by directly addressing industry-specific issues.

In the food and beverage industry, Pyure’s solution actively enhances food safety, preserves freshness, eliminates odors, and reduces the risk of illness. Airborne and surface contamination from bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses pose sanitation and production risks, compromising occupational health and safety. Contamination often leads to reduced productivity and output. Traditional sanitation methods lack consistency and effectiveness, leaving businesses vulnerable. Pyure’s air purification solution has demonstrated impressive results, with over 90% reduction in microbial loads in food processing environments. By providing a cleaner and safer environment, Pyure boosts revenue for food processors by improving product quality, reducing supplementary cleaning costs, and mitigating productivity losses due to cleaning time, plant shutdowns, and absenteeism.

Pyure’s solution for the food industry also focuses on improving food freshness. It actively treats the entire space, including hard-to-reach areas, by reducing bacteria, molds, pathogens in the air, and on surfaces. Additionally, it breaks down unwanted chemicals such as ethylene, thereby minimizing rot, spoilage, and waste in food processing, storage, and distribution. This results in better management of ripening, lower recalls, and reduced waste.

Pyure Technology™ harnesses the power of sunlight to eliminate harmful pathogens and pollutants in the air. By utilizing this natural process, Pyure offers a highly effective, chemical-free solution. Its solutions can be safely and continuously operated while spaces are occupied by people, animals, and plants, staying true to nature-inspired principles.

Pyure’s solutions are easy to install, cost-effective, and seamlessly integrate with existing HVAC systems. These solutions use dynamic measurement controls to actively treat indoor air and surfaces, providing the highest efficiency tailored to the required scale.

JF Huc, CEO of Pyure, expressed excitement about offering this solution to address the significant challenges faced by the food and beverage processing industry. He believes that Pyure’s solution is the most effective and efficient way to enhance freshness, improve food safety, and reduce recalls and productivity losses. The company is confident that their solution will make a substantial difference for their customers.

For more information or media interviews with a Pyure representative, please contact Dalyce at 403-869-3259 or d.semko@open2america.com.

About The Pyure Company: The Pyure Company is a world-leading innovator in air purifying technology, drawing inspiration from nature. Their commercial air purifiers are trusted globally to safely purify indoor air and surfaces, creating healthier environments while conserving energy by harnessing the power of the sun indoors.

With 15 years of experience, The Pyure Company helps customers protect their health, improve wellness, reduce industrial by-products, and combat viruses, bacteria, and VOCs. Headquartered in Boynton Beach, Florida, Pyure is a privately held company.






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