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Pringles And Crocs Launch Shoe Collection

Pringles And Crocs Launch Shoe Collection

Get ready for a major style upgrade as two popular brands team up to create a unique pair of shoes. Yep, Pringles and Crocs have teamed up for a cool new shoe collection. These shoes aren’t just pretty; they also remind you of your favourite stackable food.

Starting April 16, you can buy the shoes worldwide. They will cost $20 or more. But these shoes are more than just shoes. They are a mix of flavours, cool techniques, and innovative ideas. So, what is this sweet group up to?

First, let’s just talk about the shoes. Imagine stepping out in the Pringles x Crocs Classic Crush Boot. These shoes mix the comfy feel of Crocs with the fun vibe of Pringles. They’re bright red like a Pringle’s bottle and even have a unique hip that looks like a Pringle chip. But that’s not all—they also come with a special pocket to hold your favourite bottle of Pringles, so you can snack on the go.

But wait, there’s more! Pringles and Crocs Classic Clogs are also part of the collection. These come in four fun colours inspired by Pringles flavors. Whether you like Original, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion, or Salt & Vinegar, there are some clogs for you. In addition, each Pringles mascot, Mr. P, has his mustache on the rope, which adds a cool retro touch to your look.

And don’t forget the accessories. The collection features plenty of Jibbitz Pringles-themed charms to customize your Crocs and make them special to you. From little Pringles cans to fun designs based on the Pringles logo, these cute accessories add a whole lot of fun to your shoes.

But the most exciting part of this unity? A new Pringles flavor called Croc-Tail Party. This flavor is only available in the US and combines sweet, spicy and tangy flavors like watermelon and pepper powder here. It’s the perfect treat to enjoy while wearing a pair of Pringles x Crocs at your next party.

Matias Infante of Crocs says, “This partnership combines the sweet world of Pringles with the comfortable approach of Crocs. We are excited to work with Pringles and find new ways to delight our fans.”

David Lee of Kelanova admits he’s excited about how Crocs and Pringles have come together for a collection that’s all about fashion, taste, and entertainment. No matter where you are in the world, you can be part of this wonderful unity.

So, whether you love collecting cool shoes or just love good style and tasty treats, there is something for everyone in the Pringles x Crocs shoe collection. Get ready to go out in style and show off your bold and delicious taste!

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