PENNY is working with Naturland to broaden its selection of organic products.

February 15, 2023

PENNY is working with Naturland to broaden its selection of organic products.


Strong increases in domestic farming dedication and demand for organic products all promote ecological principles.


Last year, PENNY was able to more than double its organic sales across all product categories. PENNY presently offers about 300 organic products under its own Naturgut brand, the majority of which are made locally. By partnering with Naturland, which was announced today (February 13), PENNY not only broadens its selection of organic products but also demonstrates its dedication to organic farming in Germany. Starting things off is the Naturland-certified oat bran.


“At the moment, we can identify two tendencies. On the one hand, despite the general rise in the expense of living, the desire for organic products continues unabated. On the other side, clients’ price sensitivity is also rising. With the recently established cooperation with Naturland, we are making it clear that we intend to continue the local organic concept with our 2,200 PENNY outlets. “According to Philipp Stiehler, Managing Director of REWE Group Buying, “it must not occur that the trend towards buying organic food slows down or even reverses itself.


In the upcoming years, PENNY will steadily broaden its organic selection. Local organic is, in the eyes of the consumer, the synthesis of the three trends: regional, seasonal, and, to the greatest extent possible, unpackaged.



“Given the effects of climate change and the destruction of species, Naturland’s 40-year struggle for the ecological conversion of our agriculture is more important than ever. However, if we don’t have strong retail partners who are prepared to get involved in this conversion today and offer more organic to the public, we won’t be able to meet the federal government’s 30 percent organic target. Michael Stienen, managing director of Naturlandzeichen GmbH, said, “We are thrilled to have discovered such a new partner in Penny, who shares our Naturland principles.



As for PENNY


With 2,150 locations and almost 29,000 people, PENNY reached revenues of 8 billion euros in Germany alone in 2020.


Regarding Naturland


The largest international organic organisation, Naturland eV, represents more than 120,000 farmers in more than 60 nations. This association includes around 6,000 organic farms in Germany and Austria alone. The vast majority of Naturland farmers around the world are grouped into producer groups and smallholder cooperatives. The Naturlandzeichen GmbH also takes care of its about 1,400 partner companies in the food processing industry. The Naturland certification exceeds the EU organic norm in many ways and contains broad criteria for a more sustainable food production. In addition to social standards like salary and workplace safety, this also includes regulations for the sustainable use of water.


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