Thursday, July 25, 2024

Organic Produce Summit to Host Session on Fresh Snack Branding

In response to the growing demand for alternative food options, the Organic Produce Summit, scheduled for July 10-11 in Monterey, California, has added an exciting new event to its schedule entitled “Bitting Into Organic Fresh Snacking Opportunities”. How companies can expand their business in the growing consumer food market.

Faith Garrard, executive director of Fresh in Raleigh’s, will moderate the conference. He will be joined by a distinguished panel of experts, including David Bright, vice president of marketing for Grimway Farms; Angela Hernandez, marketing director of Trinity Fruit Company; and David Baxter, director of marketing and business development for Bard Valley Date Growers.

The panel is set to provide valuable insights on various aspects of the organic food market. The discussion will generate growth opportunities and challenges, strategies for identifying successful products, managing size and fraction, and effective promotional strategies In addition, the panel will address pricing challenges address and delve deeper into consumer preferences.

The OPS event, taking location on July 10-11, will no longer only feature this insightful session but also provide quite a number sports designed to gain shops and shoppers. Attendees can look forward to discipline excursions that offer an in-depth examine natural produce operations, supplying a unique opportunity to look firsthand how merchandise are grown and processed.

Moreover, the event will encompass a morning yoga session, promoting health and providing a refreshing start to the day. Another highlight is the network service initiative, Seed to Service, in which attendees could have the hazard to present again to the local people by way of assisting % 1,000 bags of fresh produce. These bags might be brought to households in Monterey County, California, making sure that the blessings of natural produce reach the ones in want.

In conclusion, Organic Produce

Overall, the Organic Produce Summit guarantees to be an enriching enjoy, combining schooling, well-being, and network providers while imparting valuable networking opportunities for specialists inside the sparkling produce industry. For more Fresh produce news, click here.

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