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Opportunities are presented by JBS Australia at Beef City.


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Opportunities are presented by JBS Australia at Beef City.

Workers at JBS Australia’s Beef City are demonstrating why there is more to processing red flesh than first appears.

Ajak Lueth and Bismillah Haidari have a lot in common, including living in Toowoomba, working in maintenance at JBS Beef City, and being loyal Queenslanders.

Both Ajak and Bismillah’s families made the decision to immigrate to Australia in pursuit of a better future and more opportunities. Ajak’s life started in South Sudan and Bismillah’s in Afghanistan.

Both of them finished their education in rural Queensland, and Bismillah graduated from the University of Southern Queensland with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Opportunity brought them to Australia, but it also drew Bismillah and Ajak together as they began their respective new jobs in Beef City, Toowoomba’s maintenance division.

Bismillah was admitted to the three-year JBS graduate engineer program, where he will continue to receive mentoring and gain experience working in various facility business divisions.

The benefit of the JBS graduate program, according to Mr. Haidari, is that it gives you a number of career options.

“One of the major benefits of being a graduate is that you’re not working on the same thing every day; you’re exposed to different machinery and systems.”

I want to use this programme to advance my job, develop as a person, and advance my career, said Mr. Haidari.

Ajak progressed through a number of positions at the facility before being promoted to the maintenance team, where he has since finished a fitter and turner apprenticeship funded by the business.

As a fitter and turner, Mr. Lueth stated, “the biggest thing I enjoy is how different every day is and how there is always something different to do.”

Everyone in Beef City is friendly, whether they are on the floor or in the maintenance staff, and we all work as a team here.

You just have to want it and raise your hand up, Mr. Lueth said, adding that there are always opportunities here.

With about 850 employees and rewarding jobs and career prospects, JBS’s Beef City is one of the largest employers in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs region, according to Justin McCormick, Plant Manager Beef City.

According to Mr. McCormick, Beef City is always on the lookout for the finest local talent to join the operations, and they are thrilled to have Mr. Haidari and Mr. Lueth on board.

According to JBS CEO Brent Eastwood, Bismillah and Ajak’s stories are motivational and each of them exemplify JBS’ dedication to investing in the professional growth of its workforce in local areas across the nation.

According to Mr. Eastwood, JBS is concentrating on developing the team that we currently need, but we also recognise the value of training current workers like Bismillah and Ajak for the future.

In order to contribute to the food supply chain and get red meat onto dinner tables at home and abroad, we are pleased to work with the agricultural industry and neighbourhood businesses in places like Toowoomba, said Mr. Eastwood.

JBS in Toowoomba is a fantastic illustration of the employment and skills being created by Australian red meat processors, according to Chris Taylor, CEO of the Australian Meat Processor Corporation.

“Across Australia, we are seeing red meat processors require more employees with university degrees while continuing to train and develop existing staff,” said Mr. Taylor.

Thousands of individuals, including Bismillah and Ajak, collaborate with farmers and regional businesses to produce high-quality red meat products that help promote Australia, according to Mr. Taylor.

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation’s “More to Meat” campaign includes the tales of Bismillah and Ajak.

The red meat processing industry offers a wide variety of employment and skill opportunities, including at processors like Beef City in the Toowoomba area, and it contributes to both the local red meat supply chain and the national economy, according to More to Meat.

Visit moretomeat.com.au for more details on the More to Meat initiative.


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