Thursday, July 25, 2024

OpenAI Chooses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Enhance Microsoft Azure AI Platform

OpenAI Chooses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Enhance Microsoft Azure AI Platform! Oracle, Microsoft, and OpenAI have announced plans to extend the Microsoft Azure AI platform by integrating with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This partnership aims to leverage OCI’s robust infrastructure to enhance OpenAI’s business capabilities.

Known for its pioneering work on artificial intelligence and development of the widely used ChatGPT, OpenAI serves more than 100 million monthly users through its generative AI services OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is excited to collaborate: “We are pleased to be working with Microsoft Oracle. OCI.” .” It will extend Azure’s platform and allow OpenAI to continue to scale.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Larry Ellison, Oracle’s president and CTO, emphasized the strategic importance of the partnership in a competitive AI environment. “The race is on to build the world’s most affordable large language model, creating unlimited demand for the Oracle Gen2 AI system,” Ellison said. “Leaders like OpenAI are choosing OCI because it’s the world’s fastest, most cost-effective AI system.”

The discussion highlights the leading role of OCI in AI innovation. OpenAI will join an established group of AI innovators in various industries using OCI’s advanced infrastructure. Companies like Adept, Modal, MosaicML, NVIDIA, Reka, Suno, Together AI, Twelve Labs, and xAI rely on the OCI Supercluster to train and deploy state-of-the-art AI models.

OCI’s AI infrastructure is designed to accelerate AI prototyping and training for startups and established businesses. It provides a scalable platform capable of supporting up to 64,000 NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs or GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchips, connected via ultra-low latency RDMA cluster networks This infrastructure is comprised of a selection of high-performance (HPC) storage options, enabling efficient and rapid model training.

For companies focused on developing large language models (LLMs), the OCI Supercluster provides a robust environment with fast and reliable training programs. In addition to its extensive GPU capabilities, OCI supports a variety of applications, including generative AI, computer vision, natural language processing, and recommendation systems through its Compute virtual machines and bare metal NVIDIA GPU instances

This integration of Azure AI and OCI is poised to enhance OpenAI’s ability to scale productivity and remain at the forefront of AI innovation By leveraging Oracle AI frameworks, OpenAI will be able to enhance its control capabilities there has been a growing demand for its AI services

The synergy between Oracle, Microsoft, and OpenAI highlights a collaborative effort to push AI capabilities and industry boundaries. As AI technology continues to evolve, this collaboration will play a key role in developing and implementing next-generation AI models, ensuring that AI-driven innovation continues to evolve across industries

In conclusion, OpenAI Chooses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

the integration of Microsoft Azure AI with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an important milestone in AI system development. It provides the tools and resources needed to effectively scale OpenAI applications and reinforces the importance of collaborative efforts in the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence This partnership allows OpenAI to not only move forward but also build functionality. Read more related news


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