NP supports FSV Askania Ballenstedt eV with 1,000 euros

August 24, 2022

The money will be used to renovate the association’s sanitary facilities

• Selection of the winners by an expert jury and by customer voting

• 20 projects funded with 1,000 euros each

or the eighth time, the local supplier NP, which belongs to EDEKA Minden-Hannover, has launched its “NP helps!” campaign. Social projects that need financial support were sought again. Institutions, associations and initiatives from the neighborhood of all NP markets could apply for the campaign online or by post. The 20 winners were selected by a jury for the applications by post and by customer voting for the applications submitted online. FSV Askania Ballenstedt eV was among the winners and can now look forward to a grant of 1,000 euros. The money will be used to update the sanitary facilities.
Non-profit organizations that work for local social causes and mostly rely on volunteer work can usually use financial support very well. It’s often small projects that can make a big difference, but don’t have the budget to implement them. This is exactly where the “NP helps!” campaign comes in and fulfills the wishes of the facilities.

Subsidy money is used for the renewal of the sanitary facilities
FSV Askania Ballenstedt also had a wish: the renewal of the sanitary facilities. That’s why she submitted her project to “NP Helps!” and banged the drum on site and on social media. With success. The project of FSV Askania Ballenstedt eV made it into the top 20 in online voting. The project can now be made possible with the 1,000 euro subsidy.
Team leader Matthias Janitza and district manager Franziska Ryll-Schallausky of the NP market in Ballenstedt, together with the chairman Alexander Giese of FSV Askania Ballenstedt eV, were happy about the support of the project.


20 projects funded with 1,000 euros each
This year, 20 projects will be supported with 1,000 euros each with the “NP helps!” campaign. From the climbing frame for the kindergarten to new jerseys for the youth team or furniture for a social facility – NP is consciously promoting different projects with the campaign. With this, the local supplier from EDEKA would like to acknowledge the commitment on site and support local institutions as a “neighbor”.